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7 Best Python Packages and Modules

by Fahad Saleem

Python has experienced an explosive growth over the past few years. This programming language and framework has been adapted at a massive scale. A plethora of companies prefer Python because of its scalability, usability, flexibility and robustness. On a large scale, you have companies like Spotify, YouTube, Google and many others who have their platforms made in Python. Packages and modules are central to the framework of Python. The app structure is built on the suitable packages in Python. If you are planning to build a website or enterprise solutions in Python and looking for the best Python packages and modules, you are at the right place because this post illustrates some of the best python packages and modules. Let’s get started.

Best, Popular Python Packages and Modules


This is one of the most famous and useful Python packages and modules. You can do all the imaging work with this package. It is a port to the famous imaging library of Python. You can apply all sorts of filters to your image items, import images, put text on images with different styles, add and remove transparency and covert files in different formats using Pillow package.


Django is the best Python package. It is the most powerful framework you can get. It has the ability to create customized CMS, interface, design and strong functionality based on user demands. You can also import many new and innovative solutions and plugins to increase the versatility of your Python solution.


You can make all sorts of web requests, including HTTPS with this famous Python package. It is one of the most famous Python modules because of its ease of use. You can literally design and construct your own dynamics of web request with a few lines of code.


Parsing HTML through pages and documents correctly is central to the modern web development and data designing. Manually written codes sometimes fail to parse the dynamic HTML in new ways. But BeautifulSoup4 Python package is a great tool to parse the HTML without any hassle.


Pygame is the best game development engine for Python. You can handle input, output events, render images, surface, handle events and responses pretty easily by integrating this best Python package and module. You can also control drives, cameras, video makers and external devices with this powerful library.

Selenium Package

You can automate webpages and bind pages and programs made in many other languages, including Python with the Selenium package. From the initial web launch request to form filling, buttons and auto-fill text fields, you can automate all the web elements using this great package.


MongoDB is the best database platform for the modern dynamic, ever-changing database systems. PyMongo is the library for Python which lets you integrate and use the Python’s no SQL oriented elements with MongoDB platform.

These are some of the best Python packages that can help a developer big time. If you have any question, feel free to comment on this post.

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