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7 Common CBD Oil Mistakes to Avoid for New Users


A few of your friends have talked you into trying CBD for your chronic pain issue. You pick some up and it’s the worst experience you’ve ever had. It makes you feel horrible and the taste is horrendous. 

The reason for your bad experience wasn’t because CBD doesn’t work. It could have been because you opted to buy the cheapest CBD you could. It might also have had to do with the fact that you didn’t measure out your dose the right way. 

These are both common CBD oil mistakes that new users make. They’re not the only ones that can result in a bad experience though. Check out this guide to learn all the things that you may have done wrong.

1. Consuming Too Much of it Too Fast 

Your body isn’t going to be used to CBD right away. If you take too much, too fast, you may end up feeling worse than you did before you took it. It’s best to go slow and take a little bit at a time. 

You can always start with a low dose and increase it gradually if it doesn’t work for you. If you take too much and make yourself sick, that can’t be undone. You’ve got to get your body used to the idea before you can take larger doses. 

2. Measuring Out Your Dose Using Drops 

Twenty drops equal a single milliliter. Sounds like a reasonable dose. It would be if it were accurate. 

Many people start out measuring their dose using the dropper method. The problem is that dropper tips vary from product to product. If you’re trying to measure your dose this way, chances are you’re either taking more or less than the amount that you were anticipating to take. 

Instead of using the dropper that comes with the product, go out and grab a one-milliliter syringe. You’ll get a much more accurate CBD dosage this way.  

As a side note, when in doubt, read the label on the bottle. The label will have all the dosing information you need for the product. You shouldn’t ignore it. 

3. Not Researching the Product 

There are many different types of CBD out there. You need to know the difference between broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and isolate. They aren’t the same thing. 

For example, if you need to take a drug test for work and your product is full-spectrum, you’re probably going to fail the test.

Full-spectrum oil contains every compound in the cannabis plant. This includes THC. You need to know what’s in your product before you take it. 

You should also check the batch lab reports. The product that you’re holding in your hand was made in a batch with a bunch of other products like it. Each batch varies in levels of cannabinoids and potency.

This being said, you should check the lab reports every single time you buy a new product. Not only the first time.  

4. Expecting Results Right Away 

When you take an Aleve, you don’t expect your headache to go away instantly. You shouldn’t expect the same thing out of your CBD dose. Many people do which causes them to believe that CBD is only a hoax and doesn’t work. 

CBD does work but it takes time for the effects to kick in. Even when the effects do start to kick in, it’s pretty subtle at first. You’ll slowly start noticing a difference each time you take it. 

5. Not Buying Quality Products 

As you’re most likely aware, CBD is taken from hemp. Hemp tends to absorb toxins from environmental factors. These toxins may end up in the final product that you’re putting into your body. 

It goes without saying that this can make you sick. You need to find organic, lab-tested products that have been grown to the highest standards.

You should also research a company’s extraction methods. If they’re using cheap methods then the final product will reflect that. 

So, when taking quality into consideration, How Much Does Bulk CBD Distillate Cost? Well, it’s not cheap but when it comes to your health, you shouldn’t be springing for the cheapest product anyway.  

6. Not Taking it the Right Way 

There are a million and one ways to take CBD. You can vape it, rub it into your skin, eat CBD infused gummies, or do the simple method of dripping it under your tongue. 

All these methods are good ones but one might fit your lifestyle a little better than another. For example, if you have a job that you spend hours upon hours at each day, vaping is most likely out of the question. 

If you’re taking CBD because you experience sore muscles after going to the gym, creams work better than any other method. 

7. Refusing to Talk to a Physician 

If you’re taking CBD because you have a medical condition, you should consider talking to a physician before you begin treatment. CBD isn’t a replacement for the medication you were on prior so you should never quit one treatment to take up CBD without consulting a doctor. 

If your doctor approves your use of CBD, they can help you pick out products that will suit your needs and help you figure out your dosage. They can also assist you with following usage instructions. 

CBD Oil Mistakes All New Users Make 

If you had a bad first experience with CBD, you should give it a second chance. You may have made one of these common CBD oil mistakes the first time around.

When taken the right way, it can do wonders for chronic pain, anxiety, seizures, depression, and many other conditions so don’t count it out yet. 

Ready to give CBD another go? To make sure you have a better experience, check out our blog for even more CBD advice. 

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