7 Cool New Gadgets You Must Buy

7 Cool New Gadgets You Must Buy

The technology has advanced to a great extent that has provided convenience in plenty of our routine tasks. Tech gadgets have transformed the way we live today. Every day, cool new gadgets are released to serve the humanity for various purposes. This article would be very helpful for you in getting an overview about cool new tech gadgets. Consider some of the best electronic gadgets as follows.


It is an intelligent wearable camera that allows people to capture images hands-free. It allows people to live the moment themselves rather than snapping photos of friends only. It changes the way we take photographs. The built-in GPS tracker allows you to track the location of each photo.


It is one of the best password managers. You can securely manage the record of your passwords online for free. It includes the feature of Autofill and Digital Wallet. It has received great reviews by the users.


It is an innovative LEGO robotic platform designed specifically for young generation for introducing them to programming, and playing with robots. It contains an extremely advanced technology for gathering attention of young ones. This is a role model for programmers.


It is a smart scanner that doesn’t require a PC. Just load your paper to be scanned and it will be immediately loaded into the cloud storage of your choice. You can store scanned images to SkyDrive, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive.

Logitech Powershell

It is perhaps the best designed gaming controller for your iPhone that we have discovered so far. It has a rubbery surface and quite sturdy. It is very comfortable to hold and also compact enough to be stored in the bag or pocket. It can accommodate iPhone easily inside without having to pull the controller apart for fitting it in.

Sony Smartwatch 2

A smartwatch is more than just an ordinary electronic watch with digital display. It is quite smart as its name implies as it integrates directly with your Samsung smartphone for performing minor tasks. It has a size of 1.6 inches.

Airport Express

It is one of the best travel gadgets that allows you to extend the range of the existing WiFi network. It also functions as a wireless base station. Just plug in an Ethernet cable into the box and the box into uncopied outlet. You may connect your PC with your own private wireless network now, and share it with others while travelling.

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