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7 Coolest Cafes To Work Remotely Around the World

by Fahad Saleem

7 Coolest Cafes To Work Remotely Around the World

Trend of working remotely and telecommuting is on the rise. According to a latest report, business process outsourcing and telecommute industry is worth more than $150 billion, and rising with 6% growth rate annually. Working remotely demands a lot. The perfect internet, connection, distraction-free environment and above all, a soothing environment. Freelancers love to work in cool cafes. We have a list of best and coolest cafes to work remotely around the world, just in case you hit the road and looking for options to continue your business remotely.

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Phú Nhuận District, Saigon

This café in Phú Nhuận District, Saigon gives the perfect tropical view and environment of woods. You can relax and work here by choosing some quiet place. This café has stable internet connection, stationery and everything you need to keep going.

coolest cafes to work remotely 6

Vinyl Cafe, Poland

Vinyl Café in Wroclaw, Poland is definitely among the top cafes to work remotely. It has a colossal environment. You will find no distractions. Plus there is a steady supply of great coffee and desserts to satisfy your taste buds. Wroclaw is one of the largest cities in Poland and this café is mostly used for business meetings of the coolest startups.

coolest cafes to work remotely 7

Seniman Coffee Studio Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Seniman Coffee Studio Ubud, Bali is famous for its super-fast internet connection. The Indonesian entrepreneurs and tech geeks love to hang out here, sit in the calm environment for hours, working, co-working on projects. Coffee of this café is also famous around the country.

coolest cafes to work remotely 5

 Travel Café, Bondi, Australia

The Travel Café is located near Bondi Beach, Australia. The windows of this café remain open and you can enjoy cool sea-breeze while working. This place has a dedicated place where tables and chairs are put, with a fast WiFi to let you work in calm. Travel café has also a travel consultancy desk where you can get all the information you want to plan your next travel destination.

coolest cafes to work remotely 4

Café Craft, Paris

Paris is famous for its cafes, but Café Craft, Paris is famous for being a work-oriented café. Sleek furniture, a plenty of space, internet connection, tables and calm environment makes this the perfect place to work in the town.

coolest cafes to work remotely 3

The Meeting Room Art Cafe, Thailand

The Meeting Room Art Cafe, Chiang Mai, Thailand offers a plenty of space, floating artwork, cool environment and best coffee to accelerate your productive juices. There is a separate meeting room where you can conduct a meeting, class or training session.

coolest cafes to work remotely 2

Influx, San Diego, California

California startups love to hold their meetings in Influx Cafe San Diego, California. The café serves lunch, provides extra furniture in case you need, power outlets and not to mention a perfect internet connection.

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