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7 Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

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From Gucci to your local diner, every business has a social media presence. If you want your business to prosper having an online presence is a must. It’s a cheap yet profitable means of promoting your product/service online.

On average a person spends around 4 to 12 hours on their phones, which has reduced their attention span from the outer world. Therefore, billboards and leaflets have lesser power in promotions than Google or Facebook Ads.

Your business can thrive using Instagram as a platform for marketing. You will not only attract and interact with potential clients but also create the right ‘image’ for your brand.

Here are 7 marketing tips that can help your brand thrive on Instagram.

Explore Instagram Business Profiles

Various social media platforms have developed their own business profiles. Unlike a personal profile, a business profile helps create a profile that caters wholly to marketing a business. It is designed with slight differences than personal profiles, with added features that help to promote businesses.

If you have used a business profile on Facebook, you will find that the one on Instagram is not that different. You can even turn an existing personal account to a business one. This way you don’t lose your followers.

On a business profile, you can gain access to special features like insights, ads, etc. These tools will aid you in creating a brand and gaining loyal followers.

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Use Instagram Tools

Instagram has a few useful tools and features that you can use absolutely for free! These tools can help you understand, control, and promote your business profile efficiently. Here are a few tools you must make use of.


Insights are awesome for businesses. This cool tool gives you an analysis of your page. You get data content of activity and interactions with your business profile. It gives you a graphic analysis of a few pieces of information regarding your profile.

You get an entire week’s analysis of your profile’s reach, impressions, and views. You will see the results of your promotion clearly on insights. You’ll get bar graphs of your viewer demographics. You can even see data related to specific posts.


When you start working on your business profile,  each of your posts must be serious and well thought out. Your post activity will have consequences and decide whether you will gain or lose your followers.

Business profiles on Instagram put important content on their feed. But for light promotion, they depend on stories. Even if you refrain from making feed posts every day, you can put up stories to stay relevant.

These media posts stay for a short period of time. You can compile them in a highlight and keep them pinned to your profile.

However, the coolest feature of stories is adding a swipe up link. You can use this indispensable tool to link buyers to your product pages, websites, etc.


If you have used any social media platform, you know about #hashtags. This common tool complies with related posts together. If you put a relative tag to your posts, other users can find your post under that same tag.

This is an excellent means to attract interested parties to your posts or profile.

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping feature displays products with product tags on them. You can add product tags to posts and product stickers to stories.

Under the shopping tag, users can search for products they are looking for. This Instagram feature really brings buyers to your profile.

Your profiles need to be approved for Instagram Shopping. During the process, you can select a product catalog to connect to your profile.

Use Sponsored Ads

If you are a regular on Instagram, you know that sponsored ads work! This amazing advertisement tool helps users find what they need or is looking for and shows them ads accordingly. For businesses, this valuable tool can bring them to paying customers who are searching for their product or service.

Instagram has explained the machine learning algorithm that sorts out interested parties and buyers and projects the relevant ads and posts to them.

Instagram has revolutionized ads. There are numerous types of ads you can use and you can choose the period it will be used for. You can determine your ad budget. The running time and amount you want to spend on ads is entirely up to you.

Create A Friendly Brand “Face”

There is always that one person in a neighborhood that everyone likes. He is friendly and has a lot of friends. People trust this person, as he is social and likable.

The ultimate goal of an Instagram business profile should be to become that friendly neighborhood face. If you do it right, that neighborhood can expand to a global audience.

Big brands like Starbucks, KFC, etc, create a community around their products and services. They post relatable content and engage their followers in a way that brings the audience into that community.

The business has always been associated with something cold and unfeeling. Social media marketing has the power to bring emotions back to the table so that people feel connected to the business.

Engage Your Followers

To grow your brand on Instagram, you must always stay relevant to your followers. In order to do that, you have to engage your followers frequently.

Don’t just post content, interact with your audience. Making only promotional posts can make your profile seem too “businessy”. To gain loyal followers, you need to communicate with them.

Make interactive posts like asking questions or taking polls. Get them involved and talking, encourage them to tag friends. Do giveaways and provide occasional incentives for engaging with posts.

Always try to reply to some comments. It can be difficult when you get thousands of comments per day but skim through it and reply to the relevant ones. Not replying makes your followers feel neglected.

Use Creative Content

You must post creative content to attract and keep followers. Use different types of media and create content that your audience would adore. Creating a brand is all about using the right content.

Your content will be based on your target buyers. Try to use hide promotions under relatable posts. Your followers not only love this but absolutely fall for this strategy.

Big businesses have teams assigned for this task but you can also do it on your own. Take photos and videos or edit pre-existing content. Find creative ways to promote your product via posts.

Posting regularly is important, but don’t spam your followers’ feed. Unless you are a meme account, no one wants you to post too much.

Content Generation From Followers

You can see both big and small businesses use this tactic. Using your own followers to promote your product is a great way of marketing without spending money.

The latest trend for branding on Instagram is using social media influencers to promote your product. Even though it’s a successful method, social media influencers tend to ask for a lot of money.

Your followers can be your very own social media influencers, each reaching out to their own online community. You are also getting creative content for free.

Encourage your followers to post photos or videos showing off your products. You can also add incentives to this, by sending goodies to the user who creates the most impactful video or photos.


Having a social media presence for your business is trendy and useful. Growing your brand on Instagram is a fun way of marketing your business. You can use all their exciting tools that have proven to successfully bring more paid buyers to your business.

Engaging your customers is a must. Build a community where the followers feel important and related to the business.

Your business and its followers can help each other. Think of it as the relationship between a trainer and his pokemon, helping you win ”battles” while you provide them with the best.

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