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7 Reasons You Should Root Your Phone

by Fahad Saleem

7 Reasons You Should Root Your Phone

They say that one has enjoyed the real nirvana of an Android phone if he has rooted it. Rooting gives a lot of benefits and low level access to the system which can revamp the usage and experience. When you root your phone, you get to enjoy advantages that non-rooted devices can’t enjoy. Here are 7 reasons why you should root your phone.

android root

1) Firewall

An application such as DroidWall can be installed after you root your device. What DroidWall does is that it blocks apps to access the network. Most apps running in the background can take up your valuable data, so DroidWall does is block those unwanted apps to access the network.

2) Private Browsing

The Orbot app is great if you want to browse the internet anonymously. Not only does Orbot hide your IP address, it also lets you open websites that are blocked in your country.

3) Access to complete File System

When you root your device, you can easily access the restricted file systems. You can access the directory where you have your apps installed and even access the files within the app. Root Explorer and ES file explorer can be used in a rooted phone to access the complete file system.

4) Backup of Applications

On your rooted phone, you can back up your applications. Sometimes an update to an app can remove some features you liked, so what you can do with a rooted phone is backup a specific version of the app. Titanium backup will help with you that. This tool can also help you backup your apps and files before you perform a factory reset.

5) Moving of apps to SD card

Most phones come with limited internal storage, and at some point you might run out of memory for adding new apps. With a rooted phone, you can use an app called move to SD card. This will help you gain some of the internal memory.

6) Removing pre-installed apps

Sometimes your phone comes pre-installed with apps, and most of them are useless and. On top of that, you can’t even uninstall them too. But if you root your phone, you can easily get rid of those unwanted apps.

7) Switch to a Native OS

A lot of manufacturers tweak and change the Android OS, by creating their ow custom UI. For example, a UI like the HTC sense takes up a lot of your RAM. When your RAM is being used up, it makes your phone run slower. You can easily get rid of the manufacturers tweaked Android OS and switch to a native one by rooting your phone.


These are seven reasons why you should root your phone. You enjoy valuable advantages and tweaks that non-rooted phones could never enjoy. The warranty of your phone might be at stake if you root it, but rooting is no hurtful process to your device and will bring you some great advantages.


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