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7 Short-Term Training Programs To Kickstart Your New Career


Image Credit: Fietzfotos from Pixabay.

Have you thought about changing careers? If the answer is ‘yes,’ a few things could get in your way. One of the more notable is you mightn’t have the time – or money – to go back to college and get a new degree. For some career choices, having this might be mandatory.

That doesn’t mean these are the only interesting careers you can pick. While you’ll still have some learning to do, you could go through a few short-term training programs to get them. You’ll be starting your new career in no time, with seven top picks being great for this. They could be more interesting and rewarding than you’d think.

It’s worth taking a look at them.

Short-Term Training Programs For A New Career: 7 Top Picks

1. Personal Trainer

Personal trainers design fitness programs for their clients and help them achieve their fitness goals. From strength training to aerobics, there’s nothing they can’t help with, even if their clients are overcoming an injury. The training needed for this is much shorter than you might’ve thought.

They usually last between six and 12 weeks, with many of them being available online. You could get trained from the comfort of your own home. You’d be surprised by how much training can be stuffed into that time. Once you’re done, you’ve the option of working in a fitness facility or even directly with clients in their homes.

2. Sales Trainees

You’ve likely come across salespeople before, but what you mightn’t have realized is many of them are properly trained. At least, that’s the case of high-quality ones. If you’ve ever wanted to work in sales but didn’t think you had what it takes, some short-term training programs could change your mind.

If you don’t have any direct sales experience, you can get trained and develop the skills you need to excel in the field. All it could need is a few weeks of training, and you’ll be out selling anything and everything before you even know it.

3. Alcohol Seller-Server

Selling and serving alcohol takes more work than you’d think, and there are even countless regulations focused on the job. In most cases, they’re not something you can slip right into without knowing a few bits and pieces about it. Different states have their own requirements; many would require servers to enroll in an RBS training program and finish with a certification.

With some short-term training programs – such as ones from the American Course Academy – you shouldn’t have a problem with this. You’ll be off to the races before you even know it. If you’re a people person, then this could be a decent option for you. You’ll be in a much more interesting career than you’d think.

4. Wind Turbine Technicians

Wind power has become increasingly more popular, and more states plan on relying on it even more in the future. To meet that growing demand, wind turbine technicians will be just as in demand. These are the people who look after and maintain the turbines themselves, ranging from testing to carrying out repairs.

While these technicians need to be trained, many are short-term training programs you shouldn’t have a problem getting into. Though some of these can take years, many of them average between three and six months, so you should be able to find one that suits you.

5. Commercial Drivers

If you’ve ever thought about life on the road, then a career as a commercial driver could be the perfect fit for you. Usually, you wouldn’t need any specific training to do this, but it’s always worth getting some, anyway. You could just need to pass a written exam, and you shouldn’t have a problem becoming a commercial driver.

Check out the exact requirements to figure out exactly what you need. If you do decide to get some short-term training, it should only last between two and six weeks. You’ll be on the road before you even know it. As long as you’re comfortable driving a large truck full of goods, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

The only real challenge with this is getting a commercial license, and the written exam should be enough to get you that. Check with the DMV to see where you can get trained.

6. Hair Stylists

Hair stylists never go out of fashion. They’ll always be in-demand, but you shouldn’t need to get an actual degree to become one, but you will need to get some training before you can start. Depending on the state you live in, you could need anywhere between 1,000 and 1,600 hours of training to get licensed.

Most short-term training programs take between nine and ten months to get this. Once you’re done, you shouldn’t have a problem working with clients and making their hair look amazing. After your training, you’ll need to take a written exam, with some states even having practical exams. You shouldn’t have a problem passing these, though.

7. Certified Nursing Assistant

Medical professionals of all kinds are increasingly in-demand, but not all of these need a four-year degree for you to be eligible for. Certified nursing assistants work with older people in need of support, often working in either nursing homes or private homes and residential facilities.

They support nurses and other medical professionals by working directly with the patients themselves. Usually, they help patients with their daily activities, like bathing and eating. Most short-term training programs can be done in as little as four weeks. While you’ll need at least 75 hours of on-site training, that should be relatively easy to work into your life.

The Red Cross and similar organizations offer programs for this, making them quite easy to find.

Short-Term Training Programs: Wrapping Up

Changing careers doesn’t have to mean going through another degree. Few people have the time or money for that. You don’t have to settle for this, and there are multiple short-term training programs you can go through. You’ll have more than a few new careers you can do this with.

They’ll all be more rewarding and interesting than you might’ve thought. If you’re already considering changing careers, they’re more than worth considering.

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