7 Smartphone Features to Keep in Mind while Buying a New One

Smartphones have become a vital part of our lives. Most of us cannot live a day without them, and while buying a new model, the top-most consideration in the Indian consumer’s mind is the price. Nonetheless, reports say that Indians will readily spend on a new smartphone with all the latest features and specs more than on any other appliance.

It’s never an easy decision to choose the model that suits you, as there are so many models in the market from top brands like Xiaomi, with the Chinese company being the best-selling smartphone brand today.

The brand Samsung has had a long run in the Indian smartphone market, but Chinese OEMs like Mi and Oppo have completely swept Indian consumers off their feet, combining price with great value features.

For instance, the best phone under 20000 from either Oppo or Xiaomi, a mid-range phone that most Indians will

ultimately select, comes with a great camera, fantastic battery power, decently performing processors and enough RAM to multitask between apps. Chinese entrants like Xiaomi and Oppo keep their profit margins low so they can sell consumers affordable handsets. In the bargain, they grab the market share of smartphones in a big way.

Choosing the Best Phone for You

Many of us look at the first smartphone we see and want it. Some of us base our purchasing decision on looks alone. Although consumers know most aspects of what they want in phones, they should consider how they are going to use their smartphone. For instance, for regular use, the Oppo A31 is a good choice. In fact, this handset boasts a 4,000mAh battery and comes with a smart octa-core processor, and variants of 6GB and 4GB RAM. In the looks department too, this smartphone has what it takes to impress the average Indian buyer.

7 Crucial Smartphone Features

Everyone wants the phone of their dreams. The following features are vital to your smartphone’s functioning and how ability meets use.

  1. Processor – If you are going to use your smartphone for everything, from gaming to browsing, you will need a chip that performs at the optimum. Editing videos/images, streaming live etc. can take the steam out of your phone. A great chipset like the Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820 matters. Lighter users will be satisfied with MediaTek chipsets.
  2. Battery – The battery gives your phone power, and works in tandem with the processor to give you smooth functioning. A larger battery of 5,000 – 6,000mAh capacity will ensure that your phone never dies on you, and facilitates fast charging. Phones today come with batteries of 4,000mAh capacity at the very least.
  3. Display – Research shows that most consumers buy phones based on looks. The display is the feature consumers can see, and the sleeker, the better. Usually, most smartphones of today typically have display sizes of about 6-6.5 inches. Full HD or QHD is great resolution, even if you are habituated to streaming videos or taking many photos. Bezel-less displays are the in-thing now.
  4. Camera – Just because a camera has a higher amount of megapixels, doesn’t mean it is the best. The best phone under 20,000 INR may surprise you with a great camera. Specs like camera aperture, ISO levels, auto-focus and pixel size are all important. A 16MP rear camera may not be superior to a 12MP one. Higher pixels mean that images are larger. When these are seen on a small screen, they tend to be sharper.
  5. RAM – RAM helps you to access information easily when you want it. It is the place where all your app’s progress is stored, things you want to access frequently. If you want to multitask, making sure you can pick up where you left off, you need a RAM of at least 6GB.
  6. OS –
    The operating system counts, as it gives you updates like iOS on Apple’s devices. If you want a custom-built phone, you can go in for an Android OS. The OS updates software, and keeps your phone up-to-date for peak performance.
  7. UI – The user interface is the way you can function with your phone. Is downloading an app easy? Check a device’s UI before you buy, just to see how user-friendly it is.

No Affordability Issues

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