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7 Tactics to Find and Recruit the Best Talents Globally


As with any other business, growth is the most important thing for any start-up. There are a lot of risks associated with growing any business. However, it is more important for start-ups because they usually work with limited workforce, time, and other resources.

According to Investopedia,  it has been noticed that almost 21.5 % of start-up businesses usually fail within the first year. One of the major reasons cited for the failure of start-ups is the lack of an efficient workforce. Start-ups often fail to manage their human resource needs as they scale up rapidly.

That is why they must have the proper plans to scale up their talent acquisition according to business growth. Some start-ups might manage their human resource requirements on their own. But since the people involved with any start-up have a lot on their plate, it is best to outsource HR needs.

Thanks to current technological advancements and the drive to remote working accelerated by COVID-19, most businesses can now employ a global workforce. But if you’ve been struggling to find and recruit the best global talents, here are seven tactics that you can use.

Recruitment Marketing Automation

Even if you have a bootstrapped start-up, that does not mean you shouldn’t be able to use the right solutions. Recruitment marketing automation can have a significant impact with minimum investment. You can pre-schedule your recruitment marketing posts and integrate them with your applicant tracking system (ATS).

That way, you can reach global applicants without the need to spend extra time and energy. It will also help you focus more on the growth of your start-up instead of spending all your time trying to build your team.

You can set up to a month’s worth of recruitment marketing posts within a few hours.  All the applicants will be automatically redirected to your company’s HR or the applicant tracking system without the need for your intervention.

ATS Integration

Integrating recruitment marketing efforts with the applicant tracking system can impact your global recruitment process significantly. The necessary information is saved directly to the appropriate place when an interested candidate clicks on a post or an ad. That means you will not have to reply to each email individually or forward them to your HR department.

Without ATS integration, you may not know how to proceed when potential candidates click on a LinkedIn or Facebook ad and fill in their contact information. But if you integrate your RMA solution into your ATS, the information will get recorded in your database directly. The applicant will also receive a thank you mail and would have automatically entered the flow of recruitment.

Social Media Strategy

Your RMA and ATS solutions will not achieve the best results unless you choose the right avenues for your recruitment ads. Social media can be one of the best avenues to place your recruitment ads, especially when you’re trying to acquire global talent. Professionals are always following companies on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to stay updated regarding openings.

However, not all social media channels work equally well for recruitment. So, make sure you choose the channels that are best suited to target the kind of employees you are looking for in the international market.

Also, make sure you check the recruitment metrics and adjust your strategies accordingly. You should know the global talent personas you are looking for and target your ad posts towards them directly.

Global Professional Employer Organizations

If you’re concerned about the practicalities and expense of hiring overseas a global professional employment organisation (PEO) may be your answer. Global PEOs are local service firms that allows employers to outsource specific tasks and processes related to employee management.

They provide comprehensive HR and recruitment solutions for businesses of all sizes, including start-ups. The main benefits of using a global PEO service though is that they become the employer of record for the person (people) you want to employ in the new overseas country, enabling you to avoid the bureaucracy and expense of opening a local entity whilst being compliant with local payroll and employment law.

The global PEO also know as an EOR (employer of record) is officially the ‘employer’ and runs the payroll for your new employee whilst you direct him in his day-to-day responsibilities.

If you’re just looking to hire in one country then a local global peo partner will suffice, the problem can be when start-ups become scale-ups, still looking to hire quickly and avoid opening local entities but now wanting employees in multiple countries with dozens of new workers. In such cases it can pay to work with companies that can aggregate such independent EOR partners.

Whatever initial direction you take, make sure you choose a reliable global PEO with a good track record.

Career Websites and Job Boards

Career websites and job boards may not be the first choice for most organizations. But they can be an effective way to increase the views for your job posting, especially from international candidates.

There are too many of them available on the Internet, so make sure you choose the right ones suitable for your talent acquisition requirements. You can also choose the sites according to your business because some of them focus on specific industries.

Diversity and Inclusion

There is a nationwide conversation ongoing in the United States around systemic inequalities prevalent in almost every walk of life. Taking a stance to amplify your diversity and inclusion efforts and equality in workplace program can increase your chances of hiring the right global talent.

You can employ various channels to make sure that your company’s public presence communicates your values on maintaining equality for a global workforce. Prospective international candidates can be expected to ask questions regarding your policies on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

You should also pay attention to your LinkedIn and social media reviews to ensure they present a positive image of your organization for prospective candidates.

Employee Referral Program

Current employees can be the most effective resource for global recruitments in a start-up environment. After all, who else can know your recruitment requirements better than your existing workforce.

An employee referral program increases the feeling of trust for your current employees and acts as a motivational factor for them. They can serve as your brand ambassadors and present the right picture for your organization to prospective candidates. But the best benefit is that it helps you acquire quality global talent fast with minimal investment.

Summing Up

Make sure that you have a system in place, consider the right resources, and automate whenever you can to recruit the right global candidates. You can consider these tactics as food for thought to get you started on your global recruitment strategies. Or you can use them as starting blocks that can help your start-up enter the race for scalable growth.

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