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7 Ways To Economically Renovate Your House

by Felix Omondi

Sometimes we only think that renovating a house can only be done if the house’s condition is inundated and many parts of the house are damaged. But this is not the only reason. Renovating a house can also be done due to the reason that you need to increase the house value, or merely because you want to adjust your house design to the latest trends. Whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure – you want to renovate your house economically, yet ensure that you will be able to get a wonderful end result.

If you renovate your house with thorough careful preparation, everything will be more organized. And you will get what you want. Here are some things you should consider before renovating your house.

Find a renovation constructor

Hiring a constructor will cost you a lot of money. This is because the renovation constructor will be the main person who helped you build your dream house. To get the best constructor with an affordable price range, you can try to ask for recommendations from people you know, or try to look it up on the internet. For example, you can put keywords such as “best renovation contractor in Singapore with a cheap price.” This won’t guarantee you get the best, but at the very least you will get lots of recommendations to do your research prior to hiring.

Deciding the part you want to renovate

Before you even contact the renovation contractor, you should first determine the parts that you want to renovate. Or maybe how many rooms you want to add to the house, along with the sizes of the area. Having a clear plan will help you to be able to predict the cost that is needed to renovate your house. Ensuring that you made the right calculation for your budget, as well as staying within that amount is important to be economical when you renovate your house.

You should also consult about the renovation plan with a professional – so that you can get advice on what to do to make the process go even more smoothly.

Choose materials with lower prices

To save on renovation costs, you can conduct your own surveys and buy building materials independently. You can surf the internet or go to the store directly to check the prices of the materials needed. Look out for a material with a lower price to help you press your budget even more. Materials for renovating your house plays a big part – and usually will cost a lot of money. Therefore finding a way to buy the material with low prices will be very beneficial.

But keep in mind that you should never choose the material only because of the price. Price is indeed an important criteria, but you should also take into account the quality of the material. If you buy a material that is cheap but can get easily damaged, you will need to spend even more money for repair or re-buying.

Don’t renovate during the rainy season

Avoid home renovations during the rainy season to ensure that the renovation costs are in accordance with the budget plan. When you renovate during the rainy season, there is a possibility that the work time will be disrupted due to the rains. So as a result of these disturbances, the cost of the repairman can get costly because of the delayed thay might happened.

Opt for a waterproof paint

When you plan to also change your house paint color, you should buy waterproof paint. Waterproof paint is indeed more expensive than the regular one, if you want to save your budget – you can opt to only use the waterproof paint for critical areas that need it such as the kitchen. Having waterproof paint in the kitchen will make it easier for you to clean up the dirt due to the cooking activity.

Make the room look spacious with mirrors

If you have a small house but do not have sufficient budget to do room expansion, to make your room more spacious – you can use the mirror trick to help you troubleshoot this problem. What you need to do is very simple; you just have to put a large mirror on the wall, and voila, the room looks bigger than it really is!

Maximize storage space

If you have a lot of stuff in your house, it will be better if you start decluttering before you renovate your house. Separate your belongings into three categories. Stuff to put away, stuff to donate, and stuff to save. You may not realize it, but mostly – some of your stuff is unusable anymore.

If you still have a log of stuff to save, what you can do is by ensuring that you have sufficient cabinets or cupboards to store the various items that you have

Home renovations can still be done even though you have a limited budget. As long as you pay attention to the important things, including making careful planning at the beginning – guaranteed all is well and you will be able to get the best result from your renovation.

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