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7 Ways to Save Money for Your First Shopify Store


The Effective Ways to Save Money

Business owners should manage the financial plan within the allocated budget when starting a new business, especially for small businesses with limited capital. With plenty of things to organize for your new Shopify online store, it may require a lot of time and the ability to do all the work.

Hence, you may need more people to do the job. More people means you will spend more money. No worry, plenty of ways are available so you can save money when opening a Shopify store. You may want to consider trying Shopify virtual assistants. They will help to answer phones and email or communicate with suppliers and clients.

You can avoid spending twice the budget on your first year and do some things to save money when opening the first Shopify store.

1. Do Not Use a Full-Time Office

Leasing an office space can be very expensive. With the advance of technology, you can avoid using a full-time office. You can always try working anywhere as long as possible. As Shopify is an online store, you could run the business remotely. It will save your expenses on office rent.

2. Use the Platform or Web Builder

Hiring a developer to assist you in building an internet site or eCommerce store will cost you much. Using platforms, such as Shopify eCommerce website development, is one way to save the budget. This way, you’ll be able to run and build a Shopify store while not requiring technical ability.

3. Local and Community Advertising

Competing against big enterprises is not easy.  You will need marketing and advertising strategies to promote your store. However, without expertise and resources, it can be tricky and expensive. Besides, spending money on paid ads does not guarantee your sales.

You might need to think about advertising your store within the local community area around your business. It can save money on marketing expenses. Offering services and goods as a complementary in your local area is one of the ways.

4. Advertise on the Internet

To promote the Shopify store, start using social media, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You’ll be able to save cash by doing social media yourself. But, keep in mind that it requires some time and dedication. Alternatively, you can benefit from virtual assistants doing all the work.

5. Buy Used Office Equipment

If you intend to run an office for your Shopify business, think about purchasing used office equipment instead of buying new equipment. Then, you’ll be able to save cash easily on things. Monitors to prepare Shopify eCommerce website development, office chairs, and tables are amongst them.

6. Go aAnd Attend Industry Events

Making connections is important for your new business. Attending industry events, like seminars and conferences, is one of the great things to do. Create not only new connections but also a great way to approach new customers.

7. Use Outsources Instead of Pay Full-Time Employees

Having employees and a team is best for your business’s growth. However, having payroll costs so much money, especially your cash flow, is still unstable. Thus, consider outsourcing some of your projects. You could hire freelancers until your finances are stable enough to pay for employees.


Starting a Shopify online store as a new business requires some expenses. Besides, it takes some time and resources to do some administrations and technical jobs. However, you need to control the financial plan on the budget. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to save money. You can try the ways we have got listed above, including hiring Shopify virtual assistants.

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