7 YouTubers to Help You Generate Money Easily

7 YouTubers to Help You Generate Money Easily

Everyone loves having a number of income streams to generate money. In these times, it is better to have expert guidance to help you with your finances. YouTube is a platform with free and high-quality videos which help guide people in the various aspects of life or help polish skills. You could monetize these skills and generate revenue. You can also get on YouTube and generate revenue based on your content. Growing on any social media platform takes time and effort, and you might not be able to make money as soon as possible.

However,  you can buy YouTube subscribers from third-party services and get more YouTube video views to help you monetize your channel. In case you do not feel comfortable to open a YouTube channel and create content, you could always take guidance from the experts on the YouTube platform to help you generate money in some other ways. Yes, we know that the YouTube platform is large and has a huge number of people. So, who to follow for the best guidance? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! This article will contain a list of YouTubers you must follow to generate money easily, and will also have a brief description of their channel. So, let’s get started on the journey to make money!

Ryan Scribner

Forbes named this YouTuber as the #1 channel to follow for making money and they sure have a strong reason to! Ryan Scribner is an expert at investing and makes videos to educate the masses about it. His videos revolve around the basics of investing and personal finance skills, aimed towards anyone who wants to get started in the same. For ages, investing has been around but the risk scares people. Some people just go for it, but end up losing more. To avoid this, watching YouTubers like Ryan Scribner is necessary. With a community of 712K subscribers on YouTube, Ryan shot into the limelight  and has become a mentor. Ryan has started an academy where he provides guidance about Online Business, Finance, and CFRE. He even offers courses about Course Creation, Stock Market Investing, and 6-figure Affiliate Marketing. Thus, his channel can take you from a beginner to pro in investment.

The Financial Diet

Do you struggle at saving money and budgeting? Then, The Financial Diet is the correct YouTube channel for you. The channel is all about guiding you on personal finance, and focuses on helping you make good financial decisions. The best part about the channel is that the creators share their personal stories and not just advice which helps the audience resonate with them. The Financial Diet originally started as a blog and expanded into a cross-platform brand. They also have a podcast that you can tune in to!

Rachel Cruze

Not only a YouTuber, Rachel Cruze is the author of a number of best-selling books. She is an expert in personal finance and provides guidance about getting out of debt. However, it is not the sole focus of the channel. Rachel Cruze also provides tips that you could implement in your personal life such as travel, budgeting, and fashion that you could use to have a better financial position.


If you are planning on retiring early, but are clueless about how to get to it, BeatTheBush is the YouTube channel for you. The channel produces content that revolves around early retirement and personal finances. The channel’s audience adores him because of his experimental way with things. He not only provides advice but also shows his followers what happens when they do not follow the basics. The channel provided a wide range of content at first – ranging from DIY to personal finance. However, the channel now focuses mostly on providing finance tips.


Do you want to get started with Real Estate Investment, but don’t know how? BiggerPockets is a must watch channel for you. The company has a website and provides a wide variety of services, books, guides, and a detailed blog. For in-depth, engaging, and visual content, BiggerPockets has an engaging YouTube channel where they extensively provide you with tips to get started in Real Estate Investing. The channel covers the basics to help beginners get started too.

Joseph Hogue

Joseph Hogue’s channel on YouTube has financial tips for almost everyone! Be it stock market investing, paying off debts, or generating passive income, the channel has tips, tricks, and ideas about it all! Joseph Hogue is an investment analyst and has worked with a number of reputed companies. The YouTuber has four blogs, each covering different topics that you could check out to get extensive knowledge.

Meet Kevin

The YouTuber, Kevin, is a real estate broker and investor, and specializes in Wedge Deals, Sales, Investments, Management, Stocks, and Finance Education. His YouTube channel revolves around all these subjects and he offers personal courses to help build your real estate portfolio.


There are a number of channels on YouTube providing you with guidance on how to make it big in life. You could also get your own YouTube channel, and buy YouTube subscribers to grow and get more YouTube video views. You could also use the organic method to grow your YouTube channel and generate revenue. This article listed all the YouTubers who help you generate money easily and we hope it helped you gain some perspective.

Photo by Zach Ramelan on Unsplash

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