8 Almost Free Things to Do Along the East African Coast

8 Almost Free Things to Do Along the East African Coast

Gone are the days when we would all save a lifetime for a two-day vacation, the internet of things has made it known to all and sundry that you can still live the dream without breaking an arm and a leg! If you are planning for a coastal holiday this coming season, here are a few activities by Jovago.com which will cost you next to nothing.

Take a Walk along the Shores

Beach walks are fascinating, and especially if you are lucky enough to catch both the high and low tides. Enjoy the cool sands massaging your feet, grab a serving of maji ya madafu for a few coins and watch the lone crabs stagger back and forth in search of the receding waters.

Get in touch with Nature at Haller Park

Located south of Bamburi, Haller Park is living evidence of land reclamation and restoration. This ecological paradise was once a deserted quarry until celebrated environmentalist Dr. Daniel Rene Haller embarked on the restoration project. The park, now teems with wildlife, birds as well as an established and unique plant kingdom. Entry fee is about Ksh. 250 for adult and Ksh. 100 for children, with Ksh 800 and Ksh. 400 respectively for non-residents.

Take a Ferry Ride across the Ocean

There is no better (or maybe cheaper) way to enjoy the ocean and view the creek than from the giant public ferries. The ferry operates on schedule, which sometimes may take in short delays. To get the most out of your trip, avoid morning and evening rush hours and go for low-traffic crossings.

Enjoy Swahili Cuisine

Just by sniffing the air, you can tell where the best broth is steaming! A walk along the streets and shoreline is enough to for sumptuous indulgence in samaki wa kupaka, viazi karanga, mhogo, biriyani etc. If you are up to the task, you can go a step ahead of the park and try less popular meals such as mchuzi wa pweza (octopus soup), and the local brew, mnazi all for less than Ksh. 500

Join the Festivity and enjoy the culture

If your travel time coincides with any of the festivals such as Lamu Cultural Festival ( November), Maulid, Lamu Food Festival, Shela Dhow Race among others, take full advantage of the very affordable events and experience the Kenyan coast culture firsthand!

That Infinity Pool…!

Swimming in the ocean is an adventure both gratifying to the body and mind. Apart from mustering up the courage to swim against rip currents, getting entangled in seaweed and risking deathly and untimely tsunami waves, you also have to contend with strange sea creatures who can spell death from as much as physical contact with them. The fulfillment however supersedes this ominous intro, it’s an exercise that will leave you and friends enthralled, probably even strike new friendships in the waters, learn a few things about each other and swim ashore with a few more interesting facts from the trip.

Visit Fort Jesus

For as little as Ksh. 200, you will get a well-versed guide to take you through history in the Fort, a testimony of the Portuguese trade that thrived in the 15th Century. The site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2011.

Hug a Tree in in Kaya Kinondo

The stillness and serenity of this forest offers great refuge to anyone seeking to connect with nature as well as take a hike and learn a few things on traditional medicine. Kaya Kinondo is part of the large Kaya-sacred forests of the Mijikenda ethnic group. The Kaya is held in reverence, a home for rituals and religious activities. You can join this with a snorkeling ad venture in Wasini Island, and crown your trip with any savings from your frugal itinerary!

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