8 Best Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Gym Channels on YouTube

Here are some of the best YouTube channels if you want to stay updated with health and fitness. These channels show the best content regarding gym, workouts, medicine, diet and nutrition.

Madeleine Shaw

This YouTube channel is for women who are interested in health, fitness, routine, cooking and recipes. Madeleine Shaw beautifully explains the tips and tricks necessary to remain in shape. You will find a diverse range of videos on this channel. This health and fitness YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers.


Dr. Eric Berg

Dr. Eric Berg is a new YouTube sensation these days. He isn’t like other pseudo-doctors who blurt out BS. Dr. Berg explains the real driving factors behind body fat, tips on how to lose weight, how to treat diseases like Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes and Cardiac issue. You will find yourself engulfed in Dr. Berg’s videos.


Fit Men Cook

All of the weight loss and health science could be summarized in one word: diet and nutrition. Fit Men Cook YouTube channels solves one of the biggest problems of people who are trying to eat healthy and stay healthy. It shows you how to cook fit meals in budget. The channel is full of recipes and quick meals preparation guides. This diet and nutrition YouTube channel has hundreds of thousands of subscribers.


Dr. John Bergman

Dr. John Bergman is a famous doctor who has millions of fans on YouTube because of his thoughtful videos in which he explains natural ways to stay healthy and reverse diseases like Arthritis, Cancer and many others. You will find detailed talks on how to change your lifestyle, eat healthy, get rid of depression and anxiety.


Pop Sugar Fitness

Pop Sugar Fitness is a health and fitness YouTube channel which shares videos of workout tutorials and exercises. You won’t need a gym instructor or gym motivation once you subscribe to this channel.


Barbell Brigade

Barbell Brigade is a great YouTube channel is you want to get a steady dose of videos of different useful exercises to burn fat and build muscle mass.


Six Pack Shortcuts & Abs After 40

Don’t just go on the name. Apart from giving tips on how to get those dream six packs, this YouTube channel talks about all the health and fitness topics for men. You’ll find videos on how to boost your testosterone naturally, how to burn fat, how to get those ideal calves and much more. There is a special focus in these videos on men over 40.


The Lean Machines

This YouTube channel focuses on how to stay lean, sporty and outdoorsy. It shows you natural ways to fix your lifestyle and adapt different sports. This YouTube channel is fun and motivational.


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