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8 Biggest Twitter Fails and Fu*k Ups of All Time

by Fahad Saleem

Twitter is a great platform with over 700 million monthly active users. Almost every famous politician, company, celebrity and host use Twitter as a way to communicate with their fanbase. But sometimes they fail at Twitter and become an internet sensation. Here are some of the biggest Twitter fails and f*ck ups ever.

1-  British singer Rita Ora suffered a massive Twitter burn in 2014 when she tried to engage her Twitter fans by saying that she’d release her new album if she got 100,000 retweets. Guess what, she got only about 1000 retweets, despite of the fact that she’d over 4 million followers.

twitter 1

2- In 2013, a woman named Justin Socco, before boarding a flight to South Africa, tweeted this:

“Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get Aids. Just kidding. I’m white!”

Socco was the PR executive of a media company named IAC. Imagine these racist words coming from a PR executive.  Even though the woman had only 500 followers, the tweet quickly went viral as the world grilled Socco. Soon after, a hashtag #HasJustineLandedYet began to trend. IAC later fired Socco.


3- BBC Newsnight editor Ian Katz accidentally tweeted about his experience of having Rachel Reeves in his program in a tweet in which he called Reeves as “Boring Snoring”. He later had to apologize for these remarks. The tweet quickly went viral and Mrs. Reeves also replied to the tweet with “thanks….”

twitter 3

 4- Former Liberal Democrat cabinet minister Chris Huhne was sending a private message on Twitter to a Guardian journalist about a story he’d leaked, but he mistakenly wrote the message on his TL and tweeted. The message was about Chris’ wish to keep his “fingerprints” off the story. Later, Chris apologized on leaking Theresa May’s conference speech details.

twitter 77

5- This man complained on Twitter about his Pizza coming in without toppings. Eh?

pizza 1

pizza 2

6- Kim Kardashian, the star known for showing her big butts and breasts, can’t stand a woman breastfeeding her baby in the public.

twitter 4

7- McDonald’s learned the hard way that no matter how big the company is, it can’t control Twitter hashtags. McDonald’s started #McDStories hashtag to motivate people to share their pleasant experience with the fast food chain. Instead, people started grilling the company and sharing their negative experiences. This was one of the biggest Twitter fails of all time.

twitter 6

 8- Someone at Vodafone UK decided to cause a PR headache for the company. Here’s what appeared on the Vodafone Twitter:

Is fed up of dirty homos and is going after Beaver.

Later investigations showed that a Vodafone employee was involved in this tweet. He was fired from the company.


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