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8 Effective App Store Optimization Strategies for Mobile App Promotion

Billions of Smartphone users worldwide use more than four million apps available on app stores. So if you have an app, or you work for an iOS app development company it’s crucial you effectively market them to generate app store engagement, mobile downloads, and improve mobile app onboarding.

You can do this through app store optimization (ASO) that makes apps stand out in the world’s two leading app store platforms, Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

But ASO is not a one-time implementation.

It requires consistent updates, attention, and optimization with the help of the following app store optimization tips.

App store optimization strategies

1.   Using relevant keywords

Find out and use keywords your potential customers and top competitors use to help customers easily find your app on the app store. But do not use keywords with the word ‘app’ or your competitors’ brand names.

2. Use compelling icons and screenshots.

Choose easily recognizable and memorable icons with colors different from your top competitors. As most people look at screenshots before downloading, use as many professional and aesthetically looking screenshots as permissible by the marketplace.

And don’t focus on the text, but more on visual features in screenshots to show how your app is more valuable than your competitors.

3. Use a video

People like searching and downloading an app within a few minutes. Videos showcasing your app’s most valuable feature on your app’s page help them decide and thus increase download.

4. Title and description optimization

Titles are crucial in getting more downloads. So create a short title that’s visible on the app browser screen. It should be something easy to remember, preferably with your company’s name. Descriptions should include relevant keywords in their first 250 characters.   

5. Select the proper category

You need to find the best category to add your app to the marketplace. A category having more downloads, your competitors, and consistently updated apps are the most popular.  

6. Competitor research

Once you add your app to the marketplace, monitor the top-ranking apps in your category. Notice any changes in ranking whenever they add keywords or change the metadata.

Try ranking on keywords before your competitors do.

And use a suitable app store optimization tool to track competitor apps with similar features who use the exact keywords as yours.

7. Backlinking

Actively linking your app to authoritative app-relevant websites helps build the best backlinks. These backlinks can be text or ALT tags and focus more on quality than quantity.

8. Generate traffic and downloads to your app store page

An SEO-optimized website hosting your app information helps drive traffic directly to your app store pages. It also helps your app rank on Google and reaches people looking for your type of app.

These eight effective app store optimization strategies will increase your app visibility and downloads. However, it takes time, and nothing happens overnight.

Spending a little time on your APO checklist every day making relevant changes and updates will give progress and better results.

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