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8 Ingredients of Insanely Addictive Mobile Game

by Fahad Saleem
ingredients of addictive mobile game

Ingredients of Insanely Addictive Mobile Game

Addictive mobile games create tremendous fascination for gamers. This article describes the key ingredients which make the games highly addictive for people on their mobiles. The successful programmers employ the strategy of including the crucial elements for captivating the attention of the smartphone users.

Features of Insanely Addictive Mobile Games

User Interface and Graphics

The most addictive elements in the games are their interface and graphics. Lovers of games are always on the lookout for games with high graphics and friendly interface.


The addictive games usually contain fast pace and fierce competition with the players. The games, which provide the opportunity to score rapidly, really fascinate the gamers.

Social Feedback and Competition

The competition faced from the peers, makes the programmers work hard to include innovative elements in games. Social feedback is also important in incorporating various ingredients for making the game live a long life. The successful games become renowned on social media networks.


Repetition is a wonderful theme that leads all forms of addiction. Human mind loves to play the same games and face the same situations in different ways. The reason for this ingredient to be addictive is due to the fact the people get used to the theme and the controls of the game. They find easy to overcome the challenges in the game.


One of the amazing attractions in the game is the reward in the form of bonuses and scores. The addiction created by scoring higher and higher every time, will make you play games frequently. It doesn’t mean that the number figures would only fascinate the gamers. Consider Farmville, which is a popular Facebook game. In this game, the rewards are in the form of crops, buildings, animals, and the other accouterments that the game players win as he crosses different levels.


The addictive games make full use of exploration and discovery. They keep the players engaged in exploring them from different angles. The players always keep on exploring the possibilities available in the games.

The Near Miss

You would love to play the games, which are easy at the start, but as you near the finish line, they become challenging. You keep on trying, but fail at the very last step. These near misses will urge you to play the addictive games again and again.


The attractive games require the players to use their set of skills to overcome the challenges faced in different scenarios. As the players master the controls, games tend to become more difficult. Hence, the fascinating games should keep the players engaged for as long as possible.


This article reviewed the essential elements of the addictive mobile games. The presence of these elements is ensured by the programmers in the games.


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