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8 Startups With Coolest Office Spaces Now Hiring

by Fahad Saleem

8 Startups With Coolest Office Spaces Now Hiring

Employees don’t like conventional cubicles, chairs and desks with grumpy bosses anymore. As a matter of fact, office spaces are changing radically in the contemporary tech world. A recent study showed that employees prefer coziness, freedom and cool environment over a high paying job that is full of stress and discomfort. Tyba has done a survey and came up with some coolest startups having beautiful office spaces around the world. Guess what? They are hiring too. So choose the best one and drop your CV.


Based in London, Memrise is a learning startup. The company was established in 2008 and has achieved some huge milestones in a shorter period of time. You’ll find beds, trendy couches, table tennis, pet areas and what not to kill your stress in the office space of Memrise.

memrise 1

memrise 2

memrise 3


Comerge is a software agile development company based in Zurich, Switzerland.  Comerge office space is unique, full of life and colors. They have done peculiar natural and artificial lighting arrangement in their offices which makes it unique of its sort. Cool and funny paperweights, decoration pieces, weekend trips are some of the perks at this cozy company.

comerge 1

comerge 2

comerge 3

comerge 4


Being a furniture and decoration company, Urbanara uses its office space skills to depict its talent. Large timber beams, Whitewashed washed, trendy lamps, office dogs, unique and antique coffee shops make Urbanara office space picturesque. The company is based in Berlin, Germany.

urban 1

urban 2

urban 3

urban 4


TravelBird is a travel and leisure company and it’s located in more than 17 countries across Europe. TravelBird has a stunning office space. You will find large bird cages with beautiful birds chirping in them, huge goblin style globes hanging with the ceilings, sofas, trendy beds, maps of countries and cultural representations in TravelBird office space.

travel bird  2

travel bird  3

travel bird 1

travel bird 4 travel bird 5


eRepublik Labs is a mobile games development company based in Madrid, Spain. It has its own meticulously crafted kitchen, gym, play space, a separate space where their developers just ‘think’ and come up with creative ideas and much more. The company urges its employees to go unconventional and cut the boss hierarchy culture.

erepub 1

erepub 2

erepub 3

erepub 4 erepub 5


Voiceworks is a famous mobile data, telephone solutions development company based in Netherlands. The company has made its office environment out of cargo boxes and you won’t believe it. It has huge windows in every cubicle to let the natural light pass.

voice work  2

voice work  4

voice work 1

voice work 3


KesselsKrammer is an advertisement media company which loves vintage and integrating best parts of classical post-war era with state of the art latest technology. KesselsKrammer office space was a nunnery once, but it is now a creative space for the ads enthusiasts. The company has put old antique furniture in the space, has some really cool decoration stuff in the surroundings.

kess 1

kess 2

kess 3

kess 4


Mobypicture has perhaps the most unique office space in this list. Mobypicture office is a boat! Yes, a boat, floating on the waters. Don’t freak out, you will not sink during coding. They have still water legs and mostly, at the start of the day, the boat anchors to make everything still. You’ll find a lot of perks apart from enjoying an on boat sunshine, free beer and ‘cruise’ parties.

 mobi 1 mobi 2 mobi 3

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