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8 Useful Websites to Make You More Productive


It is harder than ever to focus on your studies and stay at the peak of your academic performance. People have to combine remote studies, daily chores, and sometimes even part-time jobs. It makes them stressed out and exhausted.

You are not alone in looking for websites that can increase your productivity. The key aspect of being productive is not to do as much as possible. The key to success is to finish your tasks in time. Usually, there is no time to re-do all those assignments, so you also have to do them correctly the first time.


Most of the homework consists of writing papers, reports, and essays. They have to be perfect and neat, clear, and formatted according to the instructions. Sometimes, the number of rules to adhere to is overwhelming. And you have to remember about all of them. But don’t worry, you can always rely on professional help from the best writers.

You can always contact PaperWriter service and ask for academic assistance. Any essay or research paper is a matter of practice, understanding the structure, and the ability to formulate your arguments. So, it all comes down to experience, and it’s exactly what all the specialists of PaperWriter have to craft a decent paper.


Many websites offer limited sets of academic assistance. On the contrary, Studyfy allows you more than to connect with professionals in various fields. To discover more details about academic writing and study in general, the website visitors have a range of options.

Whatever form you deem suitable, Studyfy will meet your needs. There are plenty of guides and blog posts to learn from. More so, samples will paint a clearer picture of what is expected of students usually. And if you need some additional guidance, you can always address a tutor.


If you want to be as effective as possible, you should pay attention not only to paper writing. Your daily communication with friends and professors is a part of your daily academic routine. We all make small mistakes, so we shouldn’t be critical about it. But leaving the best first impression and keeping your emails and chats neatly is essential.

Grammarly is a website designed to help you stay at the top of the game whether you are doing your report or writing an email to your university. It highlights the best vocabulary choices and underlines the smallest typos you could miss when you were writing your message. Communication is key, and grammatically correct messages are a baseline for your fruitful cooperation with others.


One of the important skills one can acquire during studies is taking notes. However, some people underestimate the power of notes. The latter, in turn, helps us stay organized and productive. Your notes and your ability to extract relevant information are also crucial for your future career.

Simplenote is a cross-platform app that you can also use in your browser. It allows you to add tags, cooperate with your classmates, and mark the most relevant information. The most essential features can be accessed for free. Also, it is one of the most stylish and user-friendly choices out there on the market.


Many students need honed time-management skills to complete all their tasks in time. Another essential skill is to remember all the appointments, plans, and chores, namely – where you have to be. But it is always hard to keep track of all your classes and meetings outside of college. That’s when you need a perfect productivity website that helps you manage your schedule.

Doodle is a calendar service that allows you to sync your devices and create an effective schedule. You don’t have to run across all your devices and apps to control all your meetings with classmates and supervisors. Everything you need is in one website and app. Without a doubt, your productivity will increase when you have control over your day-to-day calls and projects.

Tomato Timer

Many specialists suggest dividing your studying into shorter sessions with fixed breaks. It increases your focus and effectiveness. The less distracted you are, the better your study results. You can choose an app or open a separate page with Tomato Timer and start working.

At first, it doesn’t make sense. How can a timer increase your productivity? As soon as you set a goal to be productive during a 25 minutes session, you will see how easy it is to focus. Don’t plan to study for hours in a row; it is counter-productive. You can set a break of 5 or 10 minutes to refresh yourself and then get back to work.

Cold Turkey

If during your study sessions, you tend to get distracted by quickly checking something unrelated to your assignment, you need a good website blocker. It is normal for students to be overwhelmed and want to multitask. However, it is better to avoid such distractions.

Cold Turkey blocks access to websites that you don’t need during your study session. You can set a specific timer and choose what websites should be blocked. You can choose a specific category of websites that shouldn’t be accessible (if you don’t have a preference in mind when enabling the blocker). The less you procrastinate, the more productive your studies are.


The life of a student is full of stress, deadlines, and anxiety. We all cope with them differently, but it is important to avoid developing unhealthy ways to deal with stress. Also, not everyone has access to mental health professionals, and we have to be our therapists. Being mindful is essential for one’s well-being.

Calm offers you tools to improve your sleeping and focus as well as reduce anxiety and stress. You can use both website and app versions with advice and guides. It’s also possible to choose the areas you want to work on and the ways of creating healthy habits and routines.

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