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9 Bluetooth Speakers That Are Tearing It up in 2020


Technology has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of having to carry around cords for headphones and speakers, making it much easier to listen to your favorite music anywhere you want to. Bluetooth technology has made it possible to carry a speaker around in the palm of your hand while jamming out some sweet tunes. There are also speakers with Wi-Fi capability, making it easier to stream from your phone or television for better sound quality. Several models also support Alexa voice commands for hands-free use.

Finding a great Bluetooth speaker is easier than most people expect. While there are many brands to choose from, with different models and styles, each one can have drawbacks that might not make it the best choice for you. Here are nine of the better quality speakers that are on the market to choose from, with some helpful information on making the right purchase of one.

1. JBL Flip 5

The Good:

· Solid timing and bass playback

· Amazing sense of acoustics

· Built-in PartyBoost stereo pairing

The Bad:

· No microphone or built-in aux port

· No Connect+ compatibility

This little speaker is a great buy for its price range. It provides good portability and sound but does have some minor drawbacks compared to fancier models.

2. JBL Charge 4

The Good:

· Very rugged and water-resistant

· USB port for charging ease

· Great sound quality

The Bad:

· Subtle bass quality

The biggest benefit of this little speaker isn’t just the crisp sound that it produces, it also has an amazing battery life for such a small device. It can also double as a charger for other devices while camping or on trips.

3. Dynaudio Music 5

The Good:

· Its larger build makes it great for bigger rooms with its crisp sound quality

The Bad:

· No Spotify Connect or AirPlay 2 compatibility

This speaker works best as a stand-alone speaker for you to connect to in a room to play music or movies with. It handles sound better in a large space than out on the go but can be used as a portable speaker as well.

4. Audio Pro Addon C3

The Good:

· Refined sound with amazing timing

· Textured, tight bass production

The Bad:

· Its controller app doesn’t get high marks

For a boxy speaker, it can handle sound quite well without distortion or loss. It can fill a decent sized room with an immersive sound for such a small size.

5. Amazon Echo Dot (Third Gen)

The Good:

· Solid, crisp sound for its price range

· An improvement over past Alexa capabilities

The Bad:

· Alexa still has her own limitations which can cause issues when using the Echo Dot

Having a smart speaker can be both helpful and entertaining. There’s nothing like asking your speaker to play a song and hearing it respond while operating. Sometimes Alexa can get confused, but she gets the job done.

6. JBL Xtreme 2

The Good:

· Crisp, clear sound

· Strong, balanced bass

· Robust build

The Bad:

· Somewhat hefty design

· Lack of wi-fi, multi-room, and smart capabilities

Like other JBL speakers, the Xtreme 2 is durable and provides a great sound, regardless of the minor flaws that it has. It’s definitely a more rugged speaker out of the lot.

7. Ultimate Ears Megablast

The Good:

· Portable, easy to use design

· Dynamic sound

· Good quality punch time and good detail

The Bad:

· Slight distortion at loud volumes in the top end

· Minor Alexa issues

One of Ultimate Ears’ quality speaker releases, sporting their typical combination of sound, rugged features, and design. Supports wi-fi, Bluetooth, and Alexa voice command.

8. Bose SoundLink Mini II

The Good:

· Full-bodied sound with weighty bass

· Portability

The Bad:

· Lows seem to lack agility and precision

Most Bose products produce a crisp and clear sound. This little speaker lives up to that for its size. Sports an aux port as back-up, which is a nice feature to find on any portable speaker.

9. Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation

The Good:

· Expressive in design

· Robust streaming capabilities

· Ready for multi-room use.

The Bad:

· At its price range, nothing.

What Hi-Fi has spent a lot of time perfecting their portable speakers. This newer addition to the family is a very expressive and impressive speaker to own. It comes prepared for multi-room access, as well as the many streaming options for Chromecast, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify, etc.

Tips On Choosing The Right Speaker For You

Always keep in mind the use you have in mind for your next speaker purchase. Does the speaker need to be more rugged and durable? What size speaker will be best, a smaller or larger one? Does it need all the streaming and wi-fi abilities? How long does the battery need to last? These questions should be asked when looking for a new speaker, to help avoid a bad purchase. This website has some good information that can help explain in more detail.

Many of the speakers listed above can be found online for purchase, making it easy to compare prices and capabilities before purchasing. Always try to compare specifications when choosing between any similar electronic devices. Look at the battery life and how many hours the battery will provide for continuous use. It will also show what connectivity it has, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or AUX input ability. Some helpful buying tips can be found over at this website.

Play Your Music Your Way

No matter what speaker you end up choosing, make sure it fits whatever use planned for it. Not all speakers can survive a camping trip. Having a rugged and waterproof speaker would be a better choice. Also, keep in mind that not all speakers sound the same. Some may not produce the sound quality needed for a room, making smaller more rugged speakers a bad choice for indoor use.

In the end, there is a speaker out there that will match both the quality of sound and the expressiveness needed. Take your time and compare several different ones that fit your needs. Don’t always go for the cheapest or most expensive model without first checking reviews and doing some research.

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