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9 Practical Ways to Make Money with Bitcoin in 2020


Perhaps you have heard several stories about people claiming to earn massive bucks with just a simple coin – Bitcoin. This leaves you fascinated and skeptical at the same time, wondering if such an opportunity really exists. As long as you equip yourself with a basic understanding of what to learn, where to look, and how to pull off your time, then everything is settled.  

Here, get to know different reliable ways on how to earn income through Bitcoin.  

Buying and Holding  

The process is just simple: buy Bitcoin with credit card and then hold it. Buying and holding are mostly popular among gold investors. Simply stick with your strategies and HODL for longer. You’ll eventually see attractive returns. Don’t worry about learning other cryptos or learning to code – you will not need those. A basic understanding is enough to get started.  


As long as you have a stable connection and a computer, you can mine thousands of Bitcoins at your comfort. There are two ways to do this – mining pools and solo mining. The former is ideal for building blocks faster, though the rewards are divided. 

Creating Bitcoin Contents 

If you love everything about Bitcoin and have something new you can share, writing content might suit your interest. Several websites offer writing services at a great price. You should understand how to interact with the crypto market as well as use the right lingo in blog posts, web copy, etc. 

Affiliate Programs  

Once you refer new clients to a certain company, you will be rewarded with Bitcoin payouts. You need to join an affiliate program first, then make videos regarding the product through an affiliate link. The more people you get to sign up with the link you have provided, the more amount you will earn. 

Pay to Click 

You can also earn Bitcoin when you click or watch an ad. Some pay 25 Satoshis for every click while others pay around 100 Satoshis. 

Bitcoin Trading  

Trading requires a lot of dedication and work, which is why many are still in doubt whether or not to try this opportunity. You must understand fundamental, technical analysis and all of the trading tools available. Fortunately, there are Bitcoin trading bots that make the entire process easier.  When you visit  Weed Profit System, you will be required to invest in a minimum deposit amount initially. Enjoy trading currencies and earning profit with reduced risks after. 

Bitcoin Gambling  

While it provides a good source of financial gain, Bitcoin gambling is not advisable to all. Those with enough experience and expertise could try their luck. You cannot expect immediate or constant winnings, but the bonuses are very compelling. 

Micro Earnings  

If you’re looking for an extra income, some cryptocurrency platforms and even individuals offer a wide array of small tasks to be done – survey taking, watching videos, apps testing, answering captchas or short questions, and more. Micro earnings are one of the easiest and cheapest methods available. 

Crypto Trader

Although an easier and quicker way to earn bucks is with Bitcoin, being a crypto trader means preparing yourself for the potential risks. You’ll sell the Bitcoin once the price ascents and buy Bitcoin once the price goes down. 

There is no best method on how you can earn profit with Bitcoin. It solely depends on which one will work best for you. Explore all the options you have, but beware of cryptocurrency scams. Watch out for schemes, pyramid, or platforms that promise very high returns. Do not invest or trade in erratic alternative coins as well. Above all, ensure your Bitcoin is securely stored.  

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