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9 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S8 is Way Better than iPhone 7, 6

by Fahad Saleem

Samsung has gotten the attention of the smartphone market, this time in a positive way (not with fiery batteries). Samsung Galaxy 8 is unlike all other phones in the market. They are stunning to look at, seething with new features and graceful. When it comes to iPhone VS Samsung Galaxy S8, the latter surpasses the former, because the Korean phone giant didn’t leave any gaps and loopholes in its shiny new blockbuster device. Here are some of the new features of Galaxy S8 which make it superior to iPhone 7.

Unlocking Phone, Folder with Iris Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S8 has an iris scanner which could be used to unlock the phone. You can also use this Iris scanner to protect and secure your data. For example, you can apply the Iris lock on a folder and make sure it won’t be opened unless it gets an approval from your eye. iPhone doesn’t have this feature iPhone is still running the fingerprint scanning security, which looks outdated after Galaxy S8.

galaxy 1

Unlocking Phone with a Selfie

Samsung Galaxy S8 can also be unlocked by quickly taking a selfie. It’s basically image processing at its best. The phone camera takes your photo and compares it with your base data photo item. This is a new way to unlock your phone. An iPhone cannot be unlocked with a selfie

galaxy 2

Screen Size

Samsung Galaxy S8 display is 5.8-inch in size, while Galaxy S8 Plus is a monstrous 6.2 inches. This size dwarfs the screen of iPhone’s latest version. The most surprising part is that Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 have similar overall dimensions, but the screen size of Galaxy S8 is much larger, thanks to the screen aspect ratio.

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Wireless and Fast Charging

Samsung has finally rolled out the wireless charging feature in Galaxy S8. You can charge Samsung Galaxy S8 with a wireless charging pad. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus also have a ‘Fast Charging’ feature using which you can dwindle the time it takes to charge your phone to full. iPhone has no fast charging or wireless charging support.


Unlike Apple which has a habit of being a pain in the a*s for the customers, Samsung retained the conventional headphone jacks in Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. You can plug in your old headphones in S8 and enjoy the music or podcasts.

Payment using Samsung Pay

Samsung Galaxy S8 has Samsung Pay feature using which you can pay on standard credit card readers in shops and stores. Apple Pay cannot be used for standard payments because it needs NFC pads.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is no more a fictional phenomenon. Samsung partnered with Facebook and gave a VR feature in Galaxy S8. iPhone has no native VR functionality.

Heartbeat Sensor

If you want to track your health and heartbeat with your iPhone, Apple would nicely say sorry and hand you over a costly Apple Watch. Samsung, on the other hand, gave a heartbeat sensor and monitor in Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. This sensor and monitor is enough to track your pulse rates.

Connecting S8 with a Monitor

You can connect your Samsung Galaxy S8 with your computer and use all your smartphone features and apps on a bigger screen.

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