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9 Tech Companies Which Offer Highest Pay Packages and Benefits

by Fahad Saleem

Who doesn’t dream of getting a big fat hefty paycheck every month? The fact is, more money and reward can make you stay motivated, energetic and happy. If you are not getting the well-deserved money for your work, all your energy and happiness would be drained out. Tech industry is the best industry to work these days. Here are some best tech companies which have the best salary packages. Working here will keep you rich, wealthy and motivated.

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Yes, the search engine giant is the most generous company when it comes to monthly money rolling. The average annual salary of a product manager at Google is $146,215. Annual average salary of a software engineer at Google is $127,315. Plus, there are enormous amounts of perks, free food, massages, vacations, loans and what not. Google is definitely the best place to work if you are looking for a package of tech exposure and perks.


Adobe is a famous graphics and software company. Adobe offers around $123,351 on average annual salary to its computer scientist. The company is famous for its relaxing work environments, in-office free times and friendly bosses.


Intuit is a famous personal finance software company. Intuit’s normal software engineer takes home $103,538 on average annually. The company offers generous bonuses, discounted food, fitness and health facilities, recreational times.


Salesforce is a Cloud computing company. It offers around $131,282 on average annually to its Senior software and technical staff. The junior staff has $103,150 per person annual salary. The company has kitchens full of drinks, snacks and free food. There are trips to places like Hawaii, vacation, bonuses, free medical facilities.


Qualcomm is a semiconductor giant, which is growing swiftly around the world. An engineer at Qualcomm takes home around $103,140 annually. Then there are benefits, gyms, mid-years pay raises, bonuses.

Epic Systems

Epic Systems is a famous healthcare software company. Epic System gives its Project Manager an annual salary of around $82,600. Software Developer Annual Salary is $89,400 whereas Technical Services Annual Salary is $71,865.


Riverbed is a computer networking equipment making company. The company offers great salary packages. A normal QA engineer at Riverbed gets $91,259 salary package annually.


VMware is an Enterprise software solutions company. Apart from flexible working schedule, in-office perks and enjoyable office space, it offers on average $107,416 annual salary package.



Microsoft, the famous tech giant is also generous when it comes to paychecks. It gives $107,364 annually to its product manager. The salary of a  Software Development Engineer at Microsoft is $109,375 annually.

These are some of the best tech companies which offer highest pay packages and benefits. So what are you waiting for? Shoot your CV and try hard to be the part of these companies.

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