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A beginner’s Guide on how to get Started with Bitcoins!

by Felix Omondi

Cryptocurrency has taken the world with a storm as everyone is talking about it. There are different types of digital currency, but bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency in the world. If you have some interest in modern technology, you must use bitcoins and enjoy the experience. You can visit to learn online bitcoin trading. There are some steps mentioned below that can help a beginner to get started with bitcoins.

Step 1 – Understand the working of bitcoins

Before you purchase bitcoins and use them to make transactions, you need to fully understand the cryptocurrency and its working. Bitcoin is a digital currency that needs no introduction, but still, there are some people who don’t have enough information about it. So, before you enter the world of bitcoin, you need to know all its prominent features and characteristics. So, some of the crucial things about bitcoins that you need to know about are as follows:

  • Bitcoin is inflation-proof as any government authority does not issue it. Bitcoins are created through bitcoin mining which makes it impossible to counterfeit. Moreover, its supply is also limited, which proves that inflation cannot occur with bitcoins.
  • Bitcoins can be used to make the payment all over the world as it is accepted as a common medium go exchange in all parts of the world.
  • It offers you complete control over your funds and the transaction as there is no third party involved. You need not visit a bank to make a transaction as all control lies in your hands.
  • Bitcoin transactions are confirmed several times before they are added to the blockchain. It is necessary because once a transaction is verified, it cannot be reversed.
  • The bitcoin market keeps on changing as new policies and news come up. So, you must be careful and stay updated with all the latest news.

Step 2 – Find a bitcoin wallet

Once you have understood all the ins and outs of bitcoin, you need to set up a bitcoin wallet. It is a virtual locker in which you can store bitcoins, and it is also used for making easy transactions. It is a simple process to set up a wallet, but you need to decide which you want to use before that. There are different kinds of bitcoin wallets such as mobile wallets, desktop wallet, paper wallets, etc. If you do most of your activities over the mobile phone, a mobile bitcoin wallet is a perfect option for you. It will allow you to access your wallet over your mobile and make transactions anytime and anywhere through your mobile phone.

It is vital to choose the right type of bitcoin wallet as there are some fraud and duplicate wallets too, which can make you lose all your bitcoins forever. So, you must do proper research, check all the features, and choose a bitcoin wallet that has a good reputation in the market and is safe and reliable.

Step 3 – Acquire some bitcoins

Now you are all set to use some bitcoins as all you need to acquire some. There are numerous ways to buy bitcoins, but you must choose the one that suits you the most. When it comes to acquiring bitcoins, one of the simplest and most common ways is using online bitcoin exchanges. There are online platforms where you can buy and sell bitcoins with great ease. There are several online bitcoin exchanges, but you need to be careful while choosing one and ensure that it is safe.

The process of buying bitcoins from these exchanges is quite simple as you can simply create an account on the exchange, enter the number of bitcoins you want to buy, choose the payment methods and complete the purchase. If you don’t want to buy bitcoins, there are some such ways, too, through which you can earn some bitcoins for free.

Step 4 – Start using bitcoins

After acquiring bitcoins, you are all set to use them for transactions and payments and enjoy their unique features. You can use bitcoins to purchase almost anything in any part of the world. But the biggest problem is that there are limited sellers accepting bitcoin payments, so you need to do some research and find some for using bitcoins.

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