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A Career as a Pharmacy Preceptor


Healthcare is evolving faster than ever, and as such, the needs and demands of the medical industry are growing at an expansive rate. This has resulted in the need for more trained professionals to handle the growing requirements. This isn’t just limited to doctors, researchers, and nurses however, there are many fields in the medical industry in which this is the case. One such example is pharmaceuticals.

Education and training in pharmaceutical businesses are often overlooked as a career choice, but it can be one that is of vital importance as well as one that is personally rewarding. One particular career role, the pharmacy preceptor is becoming an increasingly relevant choice.

What This Role Entails

A pharmacy preceptor is defined as an individual who practices as a pharmacist while serving as an educator. Pharmacies are implementing their own means for training prospective students and getting them ready to work. Pharmacy preceptor development involves offering vital training, support, and knowledge to practitioners.

The roles of a preceptor include directly teaching students and new practitioners, facilitating and setting proper goals in the workplace, and providing encouraging feedback. This career would most benefit those who have a desire to help others for a living, those with the drive to teach and others grow in their respective roles.

There are several reasons to consider a career in the pharmacy that most aren’t even aware of. This is a role with active engagement with other people, as well as a role that incorporates online learning tools in order to help provide additional content.

Of course, the pay is an attractive benefit as well. A pharmacy preceptor typically makes an average of $47,477 a year, with full-time, part-time, and volunteer positions all serving this role.

Some of the skills that would benefit someone seeking this position include strong communication, patience, organization, and dedication to teaching and helping students be their best.

The Importance of this Role

Doctors, patients, and nurses alike rely on people filling these positions in order to make sure that students are able to facilitate medication, track where medication is and where it goes, and deliver to patients’ hands in the most effective way. As so many people rely on the proper medication to live their lives, this role is one of paramount importance.

It’s almost assured that employment in this field will be both abundant and plentiful as time goes on. As more medical locations like pharmacies, hospitals, and nurses’ offices need qualified professionals to perform these positions, there has been an unprecedented increase in job growth in the industry. This vast field is expected to generate numerous jobs over the next few years, with job-seekers facing less competition than other industries.

The future of this industry and role is one where growth can be expected, and one where a potential job seeker could travel in a vast majority of places and find a role ready to take them on. The role of a pharmacy preceptor can be a rewarding choice of career that will ensure fulfillment.

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