A Guide to At-Home Firearm Storage: Where to Keep Your Weapons Safe

A Guide to At-Home Firearm Storage: Where to Keep Your Weapons Safe

Are you looking for a way to store your firearms?

If you’re among the 42% of Americans who live with a gun in the household, then you want to make sure you store them well. You don’t want to have an accident in your home. This is even more possible if there’s a child wandering in your house.

To prevent any accident from happening, it’s best that you have proper firearm storage in your home. This will help you keep your gun away without fear of someone using it. They also make it easy for you to access them with ease should you need to defend yourself.

Where to keep your guns, then? Read on to learn the different options you can have for gun storage.

1. Gun Cases

Gun cases are among the most common storage units in any store you go to. Most gun owners even use them to transport their guns with no issues on their way to shooting events and such. This is because their size and weight allow you to carry them around with ease.

There are different gun cases for you to choose from. The simplest one is a padded fabric sleeve. This is enough to keep small children from accessing your guns.

If they have a sharp object to cut the fabric, though, it won’t do much against keeping them away from others. You can get a hard plastic container with a foam-lined interior to solve this issue.

Locking these cases is simple as you only need a padlock for either option. Its portability can also be a crutch since people can cart it away with ease. Keep this in mind when you’re a first-time gun buyer.

2. Strong Boxes

Strongboxes like lunchboxes that allow you to store anything. They’re the ideal firearm storage because they come in different sizes to accommodate your guns. The smaller lunchbox variants can hold small firearms, while the larger drum containers can hold your rifles and shotguns.

What’s great about these boxes is that they’re portable even while they hold your guns. You can travel with them in tow and not worry about someone getting ahold of them. They’re heavy, too, which means no one can cart it away from you while you’re pre-occupied.

These cases often come with a lock and key. You can increase the security of these cases by adding more locks and hooks. These are durable enough to withstand you drilling another hole into them.

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3. Security Cases

Security cases are a better way to store your guns as opposed to gun cases. They are metal cases that can be a small container or a small safe. This makes them harder to break into since children won’t have access to power tools.

These cases have a combination lock to keep your guns safe. This means that you need not keep a key on your every time you want to open these cases. It also means that you can appoint others to retrieve your guns for you.

Most of these cases also have a light-up keypad that can aid you in opening them in the dark of night. Some also have a “No-Eyes” mode that allows users to open them with a simple gesture. It’s to help people open their cases quicker during an emergency.

The only downside to security cases is that they’re often immovable. These cases are heavier than most and will take lots of effort to move. This makes it a good choice if you’re settled into a home without any plans of moving

4. Gun Safes

These are the best and most legitimate gun storage units available today. This makes it easier for officials to check you for gun control purposes.

They are tall safes that can hold all your guns with no issue. These often have a thick steel exterior to prevent anyone from breaking in with ease, too.

This makes them the best option for gun storage on the list. Their size also makes them bulkier than other storage options. This makes them great in preventing any thief from stealing this away in short notice.

What’s great about these is that they also protect your guns against the elements. This is thanks to an insulated interior and a watertight steel exterior. It will prevent any air and water from entering the cabinet, preventing corrosion.

If you want a gun safe, you must expect to pay a hefty price. These features are not cheap and can cost up to 500 USD per safe. Ones that are airtight may even cost thousands, with additional embellishments like some golden decor causing it to cost up to 2,500 USD.  

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5. Hidden Compartments

There are times when you need to access your gun in an emergency without alarming the intruder. This is a good reason for you to install hidden firearm storage in your home. It’s also a good way to catch intruders off guard if they’re confronting you.

Where should you put your concealed firearm storage, though? Placing them in places that you frequent in your home is a good idea. The master bedroom should always be a consideration since it’s likely where you will be when someone breaks into your home.

The kitchen is also a good idea since it’s the most frequented place in any home. Installing one in the guest room is also a good idea since it gives you a place to fall back on if intruders are blocking key areas of your home.

Get the Proper Firearm Storage for Your Home Today

Give yourself peace of mind knowing that no one can get ahold of your guns with these containers. Keep your guns safe and locked away from prying hands using proper firearm storage today!

Do you want more information about gun safety? It’s important to know what can get you in trouble, so you may want to know more about gun control, too. Check out our blogs page for more informative articles today!

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