A Houston High School sets New Dress Code for Parents that have been received as Racist

Principal Carlotta Outley Brown of the Madison High School in Houston is probably one of the most disliked principals in that city right now. Her negative popularity comes after she drafted letters to parents with kids in her school giving then a new dress code, which some describe as racist and classist.

By the way, should her greatest concern be the performance of her students and just maybe their dress code. The dress code of the parents seems like something that should not be near her primary concerns.

Be that as it may, Brown drafted a letter that reads in part: “No one can enter the building or be on the school premises wearing a satin cap or bonnet on their head for any reason… You also cannot wear a shower cap of any kind in the building.”

The new dress code according to Brows was necessary to “prepare children and let them know daily, the appropriate attire they are supposed to wear when entering a building, going somewhere, applying for a job, or visiting someone outside of the home setting.”

She went further to caution parents who will not adhere to the new dress code that they will not be allowed within the school premises. If you think it is a bluff, the Washington Post ran a story about an incident at the school where a parent was turned away for showing up wearing a t-shirt dress and headscarf.

Brown told the publication that the “parents were coming in risque clothes. They were coming in a manner that was not presentable for the educational setting.”

The letter has been met by a backlash with members of the Black community calling her on being an elitist, classist, and even outright racist. Some are furious saying her new policy has racial undertones.

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