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A Router That Not Only Gives You Wi-Fi Connection, But Charges Your Device

Wi-Fi has made things simple; you get internet access on your devices without having to deal with wires. In addition to the ability of moving around while still staying connected to the internet, albeit within a certain radius. As long as you have the password, you tend to take it for granted since you cannot see it but rather see what it enables you to do.

But as soon as your portable device runs out of power. You quickly to search for a wall power outlet to recharge your dying battery.

Then, it hits you! You have to remain stationary at a designated place or have a very short radius to move about thanks to the short cable connecting your phone to the charge inserted into the power outlet. This is one aspect of mobile computing that technology is still lagging behind. Sure there are power mats and battery packs that could be used, but neither gives you the wireless experience such as Wi-Fi give you.

A team of researchers from the University of Washington, want to change that. They are working on a prototype Wi-Fi router that not only connects you to the internet, but also charges your mobile device’s battery.

Remember those times when you are lost into a heated chat with your friend on your phone as you stretch yourself comfortably on the couch? Then your

phone’s battery ran out of power, and you have to move to the uncomfortable study chair located next to the wall power outlet? With this new Wi-Fi device, you will continue using your phone and recharging seamlessly. Chances are, you will start forgetting if your device ever needs recharging as long as you have the Wi-Fi passwords. Just like you tend to forget your devices are connected to another device (router) when you browse wirelessly on your devices.

The Wi-Fi device system is made up of just two components; the usual access point (router), and a custom-built sensor. Vamsi Talla, a member of the research team, said:

The goal of the sensors is to harvest RF (radio frequency) power and convert it into DC power. The second piece, the access point, there we actually developed a custom solution on it, just a software modification that would enable the access point to act both as a good power delivery source and, simultaneously, also as a good Wi-Fi router.”

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In simpler terms, the device gives Wi-Fi connection in ways that work for the already existing hardware, and will not interfere with your internet connection in any way. In addition to charging your device wireless through the same router.

To read more on this follow this link >>.

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