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Aargh, so, there might be a Microsoft-powered Android smartphone

by Felix Omondi

For all its shortcomings, no one can deny that Microsoft had a conceptually appealing plan with the move to roll out a Windows Phone to complement the already popular Windows desktop. Who would not want to have a continuous workflow from desktop to mobile and mobile to the desktop again?

However, Android has just too strong a hold on the mobile space, and Microsoft was struggling to get some traction in the market. Microsoft had to pull a tactical retreat; one that was not meant to give the company time to make a comeback, but to develop software that runs on their competitors’ platform. They do that for both Android and iOS.

There has been no doubt that Microsoft is heavily concentrating on building apps to run on its competitor’s platform. Well, it has just taken things a notch higher; Microsoft is said to be working on launching a hybrid device codenamed Andromeda.

The Android-powered Andromeda hybrid phone by Microsoft

Microsoft remains tight-lipped about what exactly the Andromeda phone will be, most of the news floating out there on the internet is coming from third parties.

This move comes hot on the heels of Microsoft rolling out a Launcher and Microsoft Edge on Android. Some say, Microsoft now has all it takes to build a Microsoft-powered Android phone. When you think about it, it just might be true:

Microsoft has a browser for Android, email client for Android, app for working on your documents and making presentations, video and voice call app for Android, and AI App for Android among other things.

The funniest part is, Microsoft does build superior apps for both iOS and Android devices when compared to the ones it builds for its own platforms. Microsoft apps certainly do offer richer experience when using them on either iOS or Android.

All its apps will remain connected to the Microsoft ecosystem and the company could already have more than enough feedback data to create a superior Android-powered smartphone.

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