ABB’s $150 million factory in China where Robots are building other bots

ABB's $150 million factory in China where Robots are building other bots

ABB, a Swiss robotics company, whose YuMi single-arm robots once performed an orchestra, has revealed it is planning to set up a $150 million factory in Shanghai. The work at the factory will be mostly done by its YuMi robots, to make other robots.

ABB will also use its SafeMove2 software in running the factory, which it says will enable the YuMi bots to work autonomously in close proximity to each other and to human employees as well.

The company says its Shanghai facility will be the most advanced robotics factory in the world. The factory will also have a Research and Development department that will be working on accelerating the company’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) development.

ABB further said it will be producing all types and variants of robots to meet the needs of various companies including automakers and electronics manufacturers. In terms of market size, China is the second biggest market for ABB’s bots after the U.S.A. The establishment of the $150 million company in Shanghai could greatly increase ABB’s presence in China immensely.

The factory, said to cover 75,000-square-foot, is expected to be up and running by late 2020.

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