About being a Vegetarian – Not all food without meat is boring!

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About being a Vegetarian – Not all food without meat is boring!

The minute someone refers to eating healthy, the natural assumption is that the food will be bland with no character and much less enjoyable than crispy fries, juicy burgers and scrumptious pizza…I’ve used all of these adjectives on purpose to emphasize on how delicious these meals truly are, hence why we love them so much!

The truth is all these yummy dishes if consumed regularly, clog our heart and expand our waist line. These are some influential factors as to why many people choose to become vegetarians. Aside from medical reasons, it is said that you are likely to be more productive and energetic with a nutritious meal and vegetarian dishes are one sure way to achieve this positive state of body and mind.

If you’re considering becoming a vegetarian, you may want to start by determining what kind of vegetarian to be as there are various types and each of them vary based on what is eliminated from their regular diet.

The Vegan No Meat

The vegan, the most common of them all is one who excludes all types of red and white meat as well as any food that contains any of these products. Thankfully though, being a vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a BBQ Experience thanks to Khazanah restaurant who have a salacious barbeque tandoori vegetable seekh; this is made of mixed marinated veg and char, grilled in the tandoor (potato, cauliflower, cottage cheese, capsicum, onion, tomato). Even if you aren’t a vegan, you can try this out with some naan and enjoy the different flavours.

The Lacto – Vegetarian – No Meat or Eggs, Yes to Dairy

This is an individual who abstains from eating red and white meat, as well as eggs. They will however enjoy dairy products such as milk, cheese and so on. Many vegetarian dishes actually include cheese in their recipes and one such popular dish is cottage cheese that is cooked with a paste of spinach seasoned with Indian herbs, otherwise known as Palak Paneer.

The Ovo – Vegetarian or the ‘Egg-tarians’No Meat, Yes to Eggs

Eggs are a great substitute for your regular proteins and this is what the Ovo – Vegetarian enjoys, also known as the ‘egg-tarian’. The best thing about a meal with eggs is that they are quite simple and work well if you don’t want to have a heavy lunch or if you are searching for a starter before your main course. One such dish is the gravy that comes with bhajia, also known as Kolhapuri. Kolhapuri can be enjoyed with Rice or naan as well, if you’d like to increase the carbs along with the bhajias.

A Lacto – Ovo vegetarian – No Meat, Yes to Eggs and Dairy

 A lacto-ovo vegetarian enjoys both dairy and eggs in their diet while still leaving out all forms of meat. For the lacto – ovo, you can never go wrong with pasta. Throw in some creamy sauce with fresh broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, parsley, sundried tomatoes, temphe, parmesan cheese and chilly pepper and you have a very colourful and rich dish otherwise known as Pasta barbaresca.

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