About Easy Taxi Corporate

About Easy Taxi Corporate

In December 2014, Easy Taxi launched Easy Taxi Corporate (ET Corporate), a comprehensive taxi management solution that provides greater convenience for employees and better cost management for employers.

Unlike traditional taxi platforms, ET Corporate does not require a dispatcher nor does it require employees to keep track of receipts! With ET Corporate, employees simply request for the nearest Easy Taxi via the mobile application and can pay cashlessly via the corporate payment option at the end of the ride. An electronic receipt is then generated and automatically sent to company finance team for record keeping.

For the company, ET Corporate provides an on-demand online platform than enables users to monitor rides in real-time, automatically generate financial statements for your accountants, and help reduce fraud by tracking mileage and usage rates.

Companies can save up to 30% on their taxi bill due to the high level of financial controls that ET Corporate allows for its users. You can automatically set limits and parameters for your users, e.g. enable certain employees to only use corporate taxis on weekdays or on certain times (perfect for salespeople!)

To date, Easy Taxi Kenya has signed up more than 40 companies including multinationals like Acumen Fund, Transcentury and Fairtrade Africa.

I’m very impressed with how the records are documented in the system and the response rate is very fast – any time an employee requests for a taxi, we always get a call back from the driver very quickly,” said Eva Ngari, the Client Service manager from Fusion Capital, an organization that has been using ET Corporate.

For more information about Easy Taxi Corporate, or if you’re interested in signing up, please email kenneth.odongo@easy taxi.co.ke

About Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi was launched in Brazil in 2011. It is now one of the largest taxi booking apps in the world, connecting drivers and passengers in a fast, safe and covenient. Easy Taxi operates in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. It has a global network of over 400,000 drivers and 17 million passengers.

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