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Access All Social Websites with Just a Click Using Feedient

by Fahad Saleem

Access All Social Websites with Just a Click Using Feedient

Accessing all social media accounts through a single platform is the new trend. There are many desktop applications available through which you can access your Facebook, Twitter or Instragram feeds. Then, why Feedient? an app that helps you connect with Twitter, Facebook or Instragram and get news feeds is better.  It’s better because of its ability to run in the browser. Apart from Instragram, only not are you able to view the news feeds, but you are also able reply back. An important feature is; you no longer require refreshing or clicking on any update button. Feedient automatically informs you regarding any new update that has taken place.

Feedient is known for its user friendly and clean interface. Every account is shown in a different column, and you can easily move the columns according to your liking.  Feedient is currently in closed alpha stage. But you can sign up, and a code will be sent to you. It can take a week’s time for the code to reach you. The first step to use Feedient is to ADD AN ACCOUNT and for that you need to go to setting and click on add account button. Feedient will then ask for authorization from the particular social media you are trying to connect to.  Once you are done, click feeds button to view feeds.



feedient 1

The picture below illustrates how every account is shown in a different column. Liking and posting comments on Facebook, liking pictures on Instagrama and tweeting or Retweeting has become easy. All you have to do is click on the Post button present on the top of the left navigation toolbar.


feedient 2

You can simultaneous post on Facebook and twitter, but in this case your post is limited to 140 characters. There are also certain limitations such as you cannot share a post on Facebook, though they claim that this feature will soon be incorporated. Youtube feeds are not yet supported, but they plan to integrate them in Feendient soon. Although linked feeds are viewed by more people then Youtube feeds even then they don’t plan to add Linked anytime soon.

feedient 3

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