Accidentally Deleted Photos: Recover, Undelete Photos in Android for Free Using These Tools

Accidentally deleting photos in Android is a very common problem though, which thousands of people go through. Most of the photos are in our galleries and they can be deleted with just a single tap. Thankfully, recovering accidentally deleted photos has become easier due to several free tools. These tools undelete, scan and recover the deleted data and photos for you. Some of the tools work while most are sloppy. We will talk about the best tools to recover deleted photos in Android.

 Accidentally Deleted Photos: What To Do


Dumpster is an excellent app to recover photos in Android. It is one of the most famous tools for photos and data recovery. But keep in mind that you will have to use this app pretty quickly after you have accidentally deleted your photos. And most of the latest reviews say that the app doesn’t work.


Recuva is another excellent tool to recover photos in Android. This tool works for Windows and Android. You will have to connect your phone with your computer and the app will recover deleted photos from the directories.

Disk Digger

Disk Digger is also an excellent tool to undelete photos and recover data in Android. Most of the people report that the tool recovers the photos, but in bad quality. I think the mere fact that the tool successfully undeletes the photos is enough. We can always improve the quality of photos using third party tools and apps.


Glary Soft’s data recovery tool is also known for its no BS performance. It does what it claims. The free tool scans your device when you connect it to your computer and recovers the newly deleted photos.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

Stellar Recovery Tool is a very easy to use software to recover photos that were accidentally deleted in Android. Just connect your phone/memory card with your computer after installing this software and the tool shows you a preview of the deleted photos. You can restore the photos back to your memory card.

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