Acer Predator 21X Gaming Laptop: First Ever 21 Inch Curved Screen with Monstrous Specs

Gamers generally prefer desktops over laptops because of massive machine power, screen size and graphics cards of desktops. But a new laptop has arrived the town which is enough to break the stereotypes around laptops. The company to set the trend is Acer. Acer recently launched its Predator 21X gaming laptop, which is, like its name, a complete savage predator as far as screen size and game power is concerned. For years gamers were awaiting such a laptop which could meet their relentless hunger for gaming requirements. What makes this laptop special and worth your investment? Let’s find out.

Acer Predator 21X is the first ever laptop with curved display, that too of a gigantic size of 2560 x 1080 resolution IPS screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio. A normal 1080 laptop screens available in the market usually support around 1900 x 1080 pixels, but this laptop supports massive pixel concentration, thanks to the technology and width of the screen.

The world has never seen a 21 inches screen size laptop. Seriously, it’s huge, and enough for a good gaming experience. Just look at this thing.

Nvidia’s G-Sync Technology

But the screen size is not the only thing this amazing gaming laptop has to offer. It has Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, which removes all the lags and screen tearing by syncing the laptop’s display refresh rate with GPU’s refresh and clock rate, making the game experience optimal and flawless.

Amazing Processor and GPU

The best part after screen size? Power processor. This gaming laptop packs Intel Core i7 processor and two Nvidia GTX1080 graphics cards, which are equal or more powerful that the desktop version of GTX1080. This graphic card supply makes this laptop ample to handle any latest or next generation game you could think of.

Five Fans

To cool this giant down, there are five cooling fans, which are also visible from the laptop’s outside body, making this machine more beautiful and attractive for gaming. When you get to watch the fans at full throttle while playing games, the experience is wonderful.

Removable Panel

You can also remove the panel to easily upgrade the specs of this gaming laptop. But analysts think pretty much everything is non-adjustable except RAM, which you can upgrade to your own choice, as much as you can, to accommodate the latest games.

Mechanical Keyboard

Predator 21X gaming laptop also has a huge mechanical keyboard, filled with customized lights and effects, which make it a top choice for gamers who love hard, crisp keys to strike during passionate gaming. On the keyboard, you can remove the number pad and reveal the trackpad. You can use this trackpad for normal laptop usage.

Eye Tracking Technology

The 21X also comes with Acer’s eye-tracking technology. It is a Tobii eye tracking technology, which can help massively in many next generation games. With this technology, you can lock your targets and move the pointer with your eyes, without even touching the mouse. Not every game supports this technology, though.


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