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Additional Side Bets in Baccarat


No matter how experienced you are in baccarat, it is always good to know the entire range of bets in order to be able to build an effective strategy and interpret the game flow in the right way. So what are the additional side bets in baccarat? How profitable are they? And what does it take to make the right stake and “read” the intentions of your opponents? Let’s try to answer all these questions together.

Compared to other entertainments offered by gambling rooms, baccarat is considered a traditional game. It has easy rules and doesn’t require any special efforts. When playing on the best online baccarat sites, you can choose several types of bets:

A bet on a player – you put a stake on the player’s victory;

A bet on a banker – you place a bet on the dealer’s victory.

There is one more option for you – you can put a stake on a draw.

As soon as the bets have been placed, you just need to observe the process of the cards being dealt. It determines the winner of the deal. Since there is nothing to do after the initial stage (all bets are made), software developers decided to go for tricks and offer the so-called “side” betting options. In order not to confuse, it was decided to place bets on an additional field. The bets discussed below do not have any effect on your base bet; payouts are also different here.

Side Bet #1 – Dragon Bonus Bet

Nowadays, the dragon bonus is probably the most common additional bet, which is accepted not only for the dealer’s victory but also for the player’s victory. Such a bet wins if the selected position wins with 9 points with a margin of at least 4 points.

Side Bet #2 – Dragon 7 Bet

This additional bet is not so common, and you can win if the banker wins with 7 points in 3 cards. The payout is an incredible 40 to 1 for a banker to win with 7 points in 3 cards. The casino has a 7.6% advantage.

Side Bet #3 – Panda 8 Bet

This bet brings you a prize when the banker wins with 8 points in 3 cards. The size of the payout in case the dealer wins with 8 points is 25 to 1, and the casino has a 10.2% advantage over the player.

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Additional Perfect Pair Bet

Perfect Pair Bet is a common stake that players make when playing baccarat in virtual casinos powered by Playtech software. It will be paid if the first pair of cards in any position contains cards of the same suit and the same denomination. The payout for a pair of the same suit will be 25 to 1. When playing on 8 decks, the casino has a 13% advantage, while playing on 6 decks, the house edge will be 17%.

Big and Small Side Bets

The payout for a small side bet is 3 to 2, while the big side bet is rewarded with a payout of 0.54 to 1. If the casino offers to play baccarat with six decks, then the advantage in its favor on small bets will be 5.27% and 4. 35% for big bets. Keep this in mind when deciding on the gaming option to launch.

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