Adobe releases massive patch update to fix massive Acrobat Reader bugs

adobe acrobat reader

Adobe’s applications, Acrobat Reader, Flash, Creative Cloud, and ColdFusion have been having a critical vulnerability and the company is set to release a major fix for this bug.

The main point of concern is the bug affecting Acrobat DC and Reader DC versions 2019.010.20069 and its predecessors, Acrobat Reader 2017 version 2017.011.30113, and Acrobat Classic 2017 and earlier.

It has been established that in total, there are some 43 vulnerabilities bedeviling the Adobe Acrobat and Reader. So if you use any of the Adobe apps, I would recommend you check if you got the update rolling out today; Thursday, Feb 21, 2019.

The company has already patched some 28 vulnerabilities outside the 43 mentioned above. Including a zero-day vulnerability unearthed back in January that made it possible for attackers to steal hashed password values from the Acrobat Reader.

The discovery of these bugs was mostly not an in-house thing at Adobe but through researchers from companies such as Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative, Check Point Research, Cisco Talos, and Palo Alto Networks among others.

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