Adobe Revel Photo Editing & Sharing App Now Available On Google Play

Adobe Revel Photo Editing & Sharing App Now Available On Google Play
In regards to the expansion of the modern technology into the Cloud domains, Photo sharing has become an apex of the entire process. Wherever you are, whatever the time it is, you can simply edit and share the images, store them, put them on social media and put them in the Cloud based repositories. Nowadays you can easily store and share your data from anywhere on earth with internet access. With this magnificent technological advancement, there has been also a large number of apps developed to ensure the user experience of the Cloud services is as easy and friendly as possible.

One of such apps, is the Adobe Revel: it is the best, Cloud based, secure photo editing and sharing app. Another good news about this app, is that it is now available for Android based devices, and you can now easily get it at the Google Play Store. This new app was just released by Adobe, previously users had to content using other apps like Imgur and Flickr, but the Adobe Revel unlike those other apps enables you to sync your photos and access them from your mobile device as well as on your desktop. Most people would appreciate the synchrony between desktop and mobile, thus making the Adobe Revel app the best when it comes to photo sharing and Cloud based access.

With the Adobe Revel, you can make a photo or video albums, edit them using very basic editing tools that are available and you can easily share them with your friends. The one thing that makes this app, the best app is that it allows you to permit other people to upload images with you. You can use this app by signing in using your Adobe ID, Gmail or Facebook login.

For those Innov8tiv Magazine readers who already have been using this app, you can view your uploaded images and videos on the Home Screen. By swiping horizontally to get to see other options that are available for you on this app. You can also “Create a new library” and then give the title that suits you.


Now you can view images, share them and edit them by simply using the Photoshop Express, all this being available completely off the cloud. You can edit your pictures by adding filters, crop it, add warmth to the image and you can replace it with the original picture. It is the best any cloud photo sharing app can provide you.

So what are you waiting for, hit the download link below and start going on photo frenzy.

Install Adobe Revel from Play Store

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