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Adobe Scan App Converts Scanned Photos to Searchable PDF Documents

by Fahad Saleem

There are many document scanning apps. Apps like Scanner Pro and Turbo San help you scan your documents easily. Just take out your phone, snap a photo of the document and the app will transform it into a scanned copy. But Adobe has taken things to the next level with Scan app. Apart from scanning the documents, Adobe’s app lets you convert the document into a searchable, PDF document. You can search for words in the document and paste its text at other places.


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Adobe Scan App uses optical character recognition (OCR) on documents and converts the texts written in them into a digital format. With one app you can get two tasks: scanning and converting the documents to PDF. You won’t need any PDF converter if you use this app.

Using Adobe Scan you can also annotate text from your scanned document using Adobe’s apps like Reader DC or Acrobat Reader.

Adobe Scan app is extremely powerful. You can even take a snap of the whiteboard in your class, scan it and convert it into a searchable document. You can take photos of slideshows, billboards, business cards. Adobe Scan app uses AI to process text out of the photos. With this app you won’t need a scanner.

Adobe Scan is available for iPhone and Android.

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