Adobe Sensei: The Most Powerful AI Platform You Can Use Right Now

Adobe Sensei is one of the best AI platforms available in the market today. Adobe Sensei AI platforms lets its users make sense of the enormous data. Data is the most important commodity in this world. Major companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook are generating millions of GBs of data daily. Adobe Sensei platform makes sense of this data by using deep learning and contextual algorithms. Adobe Sensei works in collaboration with Adobe Creative Cloud. Companies can host their data and apply Adobe Sensei layer to their Cloud data. Sensei helps companies make better customer and marketing decisions.

Sensei Can Make Sense of Billions of GBs of Text Data

For example, if you have a lot of textual data, Adobe Sensei can understand the tone and intent of the documents within seconds and write summaries for you. You can also use Sensei to process large amounts of data without any need to hire professionals.


Tagging is one of the most important features of data processing. While working with Creative Cloud, Adobe Sensei can  suggest appropriate tags for smart categorization.

Sensei Gives Smart Recommendations

Adobe Sensei also works with photographic data and gives recommendations. The platform could replace photos based on their backgrounds and texture. For example, if you have an object whose photo isn’t looking optimized because of the background in the photo, Sensei could automatically replace the background with something more suitable.

Sensei Revolutionizes Marketing

Adobe Sensei also helps in marketing. It works with Adobe Marketing Cloud layers. The platform has the power to tell what marketing strategies would work. Sensei also tells which marketing offers will work and which won’t based on the area, location, and market size. Marketers can also use Sensei to find out the best target markets and segments to focus on. There is a “Sentiment Analysis” feature which helps markets foresee which offers and content will be famous amongst customers and which products have lesser changes of success.

Sensei Improves Your Selfies

Adobe Sensei could also transform your other crappy selfie into something you’d proudly share on Instagram and Snapchat. Adobe Sensei uses an excellent algorithm which was made in collaboration with Cornell University to employ AI to fix color, lighting and contrast in photos. Here’s a video explaining this highly nifty feature.


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