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Ads placed on OLX will now expire after two months

Online classifieds site OLX is making changes on its platforms that will see, among other things, ads more than two months old become automatically inactive.

This move was informed by the fact that a good number of users failed to pull down an ad once a sale has been made. Over time you get so many ads still being hosted on OLX that actually have been sold out.

That leads to buyers frustrations since when they go to OLX, the see so many ads but upon inquiry with the intention to purchase. They found out the product was already sold out, and that the given ad has since become stale.

As it works out, OLX had been hosting a number of stale ads, leading to buyer frustrations. The company has now decided that going forward, all ads will remain active for a maximum of two months; regardless of whether a sale was made or not.

This move will also likely improve engagement on the site, especially from the sellers’ front. As it has been the custom, a seller would upload pictures and description of the item they want to sell, then wait, even sometimes forget about it. Until such a time a potential buyer makes the initiative to inquire about the product.

With the new changes, sellers will have to become more proactive in promoting their item, given they only have a window of two months to have their item displayed for sale on OLX.

OLX introduces paid ads

Another new feature on the classifieds site is the option for the seller to pay so that their ads can get ahead of the line, depending on the category of items being advertised. Kenyan sellers on OLX can spend anywhere between Ksh. 999 ($) to Ksh. 5,499 ($55) to have their ads pushed in front of others.

150,000 visitors daily

The online classifieds site is said to get an average of 150,000 hits per day. The most performing ads category on the site are electronics, vehicles, and real estates. Due to the success OLX registers with real estate, the company has decided to start a real estate agent.

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