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Advantages of Google Slides In Delivering Presentation In Remote Setting


Many governments across the world have taken significant measures in recent weeks to limit the spread of COVID-19. Many people are working from home since some countries are on lockdown.

This new office environment presents a problem for organizations whose employees are required to interact purely through an internet connection rather than face-to-face, and deliver presentations via video calls for the first time.

As a result of these recent incidents, we’ve written about the advantages of using Google Slides to deliver presentations in remote environments.

Benefits Of Using Google Slides For Delivering Presentations Remotely

When creating a presentation, it is common for multiple people to contribute to the content. This might be challenging if you are not working together in the office. Is it better for numerous individuals to develop separate sections? Is it best to wait and build portions one at a time? Both of these ways may be a waste of time – the first frequently results in a disconnected tale, and the second takes much too long.

So, let’s have a look at some of the advantages of Google Slides in such a scenario—

Real-time Collaboration

The ability to allow real-time collaboration on presentations with other team members was what made Google Slides an instant hit with its early users.

Real-time collaboration enables you and other team members to prepare, revise, or even work on the same presentation at the same time! This means you won’t have to wait for your team members or reporting manager to approve the final adjustments.

Other well-known presentation software, such as Keynote, do not allow for this type of cooperation. While PowerPoint just gained a collaboration feature, it is not near as simple and easy to use as it is in Google Slides.

In reality, you will have to manually store your presentations in OneDrive and invite team members to collaborate using PowerPoint. Furthermore, when compared to Google Slides, PowerPoint’s collaboration capability is not as good for real-time editing.

Web-based Tool (No Need To Download Any Software)

One of the most significant issues that people have with some of the other most popular presentation tools is the continual requirement to download or upgrade the software in order for it to work properly.

You don’t have to worry about this if you’re using Google Slides because it’s a web-based application.

This means you’re ready to use Google Slides right away. There is no setup necessary, nor is any hefty software required to be downloaded and operated.

Furthermore, Google Slides operate directly in a web browser, preventing your computer from slowing down due to the overutilization of your device’s processing resources.


Remember when you had to bring your presentation on a pen drive (or a thumb drive) to your meeting in case your employer couldn’t access it on his or her computer?

Those days are now gone, thanks to Google Slides! And if you’re still carrying a pen drive to meetings, it is time to move to Google Slides!

Access to your presentation is not a problem with Google Slides because it is kept in the cloud, just like your email.

This implies that even if you leave your presentation on your computer at home, you can still access it during the meeting without having to run back home to get it!

Offline Availability

I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that Google Slides is a web-based application. So, what will happen if your device suddenly loses its internet connection?

That is why Google Slides now has the ability to work even when it is not connected to the internet! When some of the internet-based integrated features may not work while you are offline, you will undoubtedly be able to edit, add, remove, and save your presentation.

Google Slides will immediately sync and update the file in your Google Drive whenever you are back online and your device is connected to the internet!

So, not only does Google Slides perform well online, but it also performs brilliantly offline. To be able to perform all of this without installing any software is extremely remarkable, to say the least!

Cross-Platform Availability

Another significant advantage of Google Slides is that it is compatible with all major devices and operating systems. Most other popular presentation software, on the other hand, is not accessible on all main devices and operating systems.

Since Google Slides is a web-based tool, it can be viewed from any device. While it also has apps for Android and iOS, it works well on any device by simply using a web browser.

Easy Sharing

One of the most difficult aspects of using PowerPoint or Keynote is sharing the presentation with the audience! However, if you’re using Google Slides, this is a breeze. Let me explain.

Making a presentation is not a one- or two-hour task. In fact, putting together a decent presentation might take days or even weeks. Furthermore, if your presentation is highly descriptive and contains several slides, the download size might easily surpass 10 or 20 MB. These presentation files are a nuisance to distribute with the audience or via email! Google Slides takes care of this for you.

If you use Google Slides, your presentation is shared by providing a link to your file. This means no more “Delivery Failed” warnings in your email owing to the size of your presentation, and you’ll never have to wonder if the target stakeholder received the presentation or not!

Wrapping It Up

Your presentation slides have the potential to change the game. It may make a boring presentation topic fascinating. As a result, the significance of the presentation application you utilize cannot be overstated.

Ultimately, selecting the best presenting application comes down to your scenario, demands, comfort, and price. Google Slides is ideal for creating a basic yet appealing presentation. It is ideal for beginners, amateurs, and even pros. It was designed with the needs of the present generation in mind. It is simple to use and offers some excellent collaborative options.

However, I hope that knowing the benefits of Google Slides Templates brings you one step closer to deciding on the best presentation tool for you. Finding appealing free PowerPoint templates relieves you of the stress of adhering to particular regulations in order to create a great presentation. Therefore, use templates wherever you can to build effective presentations.

Best wishes for your next presentation.

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