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Africa-Focused Investment Community Opens Up Access To Startup Deals

Startupbootcamp AfriTech, an accelerator focused on high-growth startups has officially launched the OnAfrica Investment Syndicate to empower startups with funding.
The syndicate led by Henry Azubuike Ojuor, Director of Programs at Startupbootcamp AfriTech, is designed to back the Startupbootcamp Afritech flagship accelerator portfolio of startups and all startups that have been scouted, vetted, and undergone its due diligence framework.

Startups that OnAfrica Investment Syndicate backs are entitled to checks within the range of $100k – $400K, however, the Syndicate aims to do $3 million – $5 million per year in startup deals.

Ojuor, who is the Director of the Syndicate, in a post made on Linkedin, said he is joined in this mission by Jed Ng and Scott Newall, members of the community who are inspired by this vision to grow an Africa-focused investment community that actively provides both capital and operational support.
He said,” Our goal for Angels and the VC community is to open up optimally timed access to exclusive Africa-focused startup deal flow, pre-vetted by our scouting and due diligence frameworks. It’s about time.”
For nearly a decade, Startupbootcamp AfriTech has been at the forefront of innovation acceleration across Africa. The accelerator launched in 2017 has graduated some of the most innovative startups of our time.
According to the accelerator hub, this is the first step in fostering even more meaningful growth in the startup ecosystem. You can participate in the deals emerging from Startupbootcamp AfriTech portfolio companies through the syndicate—properly pre-vetted companies that have gone through the scouting and due diligence frameworks.

“We believe we have built Africa’s most valuable Alumni community with a reputation for graduating valuable startups through our programs and this is the perfect time for members of our communities to participate in the value that they have helped create we couldn’t be more optimistic of the general ecosystem effect of this initiative,” it said in a post by Startupbootcamp AfriTech.

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