Africa will be represented at the Global Sport Innovation Competition in Rio Olympics by UmbireRef from Kenya

Africa will be represented at the Global Sport Innovation Competition in Rio Olympics by UmbireRef from Kenya

The ongoing Rio Olympics will also feature a Global Sport Innovation Competition. This competition will pit the most innovative tech solutions addressing the challenges bedeviling the sports world against each other. UmpireRef from Kenya will represent the continent of Africa. This startup solution aims at improving amateur sports visibility by data capturing services.

The Global Sport Innovation Competition will bring together the best and the brightest minds from across the world. All these minds will be focusing on coming up with the next disruptive products and technologies that will address challenges facing the sports world.

The Kenya-based startup UmpireRef presents a solution, which among other things helps in handling organizational problems currently being experienced in the world of amateur sports. Challenges that even the professional athletes can relate with. UmpireRef was selected after making it through a competition pitting other similar startups to come up with innovative tech solutions for sports.

As the winner of the regional semi-final competition, UmpireRef proceeds to the global and final stage of the contest and battle it out with eight other innovative startups from other world regions. This will add up to a total of nine startups at the final stage of the competition.

The startups will be taken through training and acceleration program by HYPE Start-Up Foundation. Additionally, they will get hands-on fundraising help over a period of six months by one of the partners of the competition’s organizers, MG Equity Partners Ltd.

In a nutshell, they will get; coaching on the art of fundraising, networking opportunities with seasoned investors, VCs, Angel Investors, Corporate Partners and Accelerators among other key stakeholders and influencers of the sports industry.

After undergoing all the above, there will be a world-class panel of jury tasked with selecting one winner out of the batch that made it to the final stage of the competition. The overall winner will bag €100,000 in rewards. This will be at the Rio de Janeiro, during the ongoing 2016 Olympic Games on August 24, 2016.

About Global Sport Innovation Competition

This contest was made possible through a partnership between HYPE Start-Up Foundation, Microsoft, Google Developers, the European Commission, Accenture, and the European Commission among others.

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