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“An African City” – The New, Trendy & Glamorous YouTube Web Series Comes to NYC on Sunday For African Restaurant Week

“An African City” – The New, Trendy & Glamorous YouTube Web Series Comes to NYC on Sunday For African Restaurant Week

There is a new web series called “An African City” that has gotten viewers glued to YouTube. Viewers have likened it to the hit HBO series “Sex and the City” with all its adventure, love and careers. An African City drama series is about 5 young African women raised in the United States and later decided to come back to their home country Ghana.

The drama series follows the lives of these 5 glamorous women trying to adapt to their new lives in Accra, as they juggle their way through career, dating and the culture shock in spiky heels and stylish clothes. The young women break taboos, and dismantle stereotypes all the while creating a huge buzz all around them. These 5 main characters are

well-connected and well-off as can be depicted from cringe worthy moments in the first episode with comments like “Dad is now the minister of energy, so this is the time to be back… I’m here for work… big government contracts.”

This show gives us especially the African viewers a break from all we see in our TV screens of the rich and famous in Western countries floating all over our TV screens with glossy outfits, shiny houses and flashy cars. Why can’t we see the same from Ghana or any other African country for that matter, and this is exactly what Nicole Amarteifio the creator of this show brings us. This drama series represents to us real moneyed African divas, who live by the code BMF, (Blowing Money Fast) as spending a whooping US$5,000 on house rent per month is no big deal. With lives filled with dutiful drivers and filthy rich “daddies” as can be seen in the opening scenes of Episode 2


The drama series to a large extent may not be related to the real life style in Accra, but it is definitely related to a reality that is completely valid, and such people do indeed exist. Viewers may be forgiven for thinking the show is all about silver-spooned aristocrats, but this is not the case entirely as it showcases things which we can relate to: careers, love lost, sex and potentials. It also goes further to reveal real issues we are dealing with like expensive house rents, erratic power supply in our cities, bottle-necks in clearing imports at the ports some genuine issues which affect our lives.

An African City” also serves as a breath of fresh air from all the images and movies depicting Africa as a famine-ridden, war-torn and economically-blighted continent with dark prospects that have stereotyped

our continent for decades. It serves a new kind of image for Africa, a place of culturally-savvy, high-end kente and Ankara print wearing new middle class Africans who are on the rise in terms of career, exposure, enlightenment and class.

Fans and would-be fans of An African City would be interested to know that IBOM LLC, the parent company of innov8tiv has partnered up with New York African Restaurant Week to bring you a live screening of An African City at the Buka Restaurant. Innov8tiv would like to take this opportunity to formerly invite you to come mix, mingle as you watch the screening of An African on Sunday May 4th, starting 12 noon to 3pm at Buka restaurant on 946 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238. There will also be a special session for Q&A with the Producer and cast member of An African City.

About New York African Restaurant Week : Brought to you by Panla and A Taste of Africa USA, New York African Restaurant Week (NYARW) is a bi-annual

cultural week-long program that celebrates the best of African cuisine, wines, chefs, and restaurants across the metropolitan New York City (NYC) area.  During the week, foodies, visitors, Afropolitans and more, who purchase vouchers online or directly at participating restaurants, are treated to some of the best African dishes served in NYC. NYARW also features a variety of lifestyle events that showcase and celebrate Africa, as it relates to food, art, travel, fashion and more. Make sure to check out the entire list of NYARW participating restaurants and chefs either at or  Don’t forget to purchase your discounted vouchers at and share your #NYARW #NYARW14 via Twitter.


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