African Creative Economy Conference, in Rabat, Morocco this November 13th – 15th

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African Creative Economy Conference, in Rabat, Morocco this November 13th – 15th

The African Creative Economy Conference (ACEC) 2014 will be held in Rabat, Morocco starting Nov. 13th to 15th, 2014. The event is set to provide a platform for showcasing the African culture, creative practitioners and efficiently network with international partners. The mission for the event will be to promote the African heritage alongside economic development.

The event is driven by belief that by promoting creativity and culture is to appreciate the connection between the African culture and socio-economic development. Culture begets development, and the African culture, (referred to as the pride of Africa) can be a major economic contributor to the African continent. Through: music, literature, theatre, cinema, architecture, design, photography, crafts and gastronomy.

The African continent and its creative culture generates a lot of enthusiasm and interest from the rest of the world. But the continent is facing some serious challenges that limit it from achieving its full potential. Africa has to reorganize itself first before claiming its position as a key player in the world order.

The continent has to create its own image and not that imposed from other abroad. This can only be achieved by professionalizing its cultural actors and preserving its deep heritage, and package this well and offer it to the rest of the world. This will only be done through working in a logically, well strategized networking and constructive engagements with stakeholders in the African culture and economic development.

The ACEC event has previously been held in Nairobi, Cape Town and Dakar. The 4th event is coming to Rabat, Morocco this November 13th, 2014. The event seeks deliberate on solutions that will answers:

How of the creative industries, looking into their operational implementation: how do we organize ourselves and work together more succinctly for the well-being of Africa and its people?

Where is African creativity located and what economic advances is it generating for its inhabitants? What are the success stories from the continent, what failures and what strategies for the future…?”ACEC.

The event was last held in Cape Town, South Africa last year, and is now to be held in Rabat, Morocco this November, next it will be  held in Central Africa come 2015.

Morocco is considered to be strategically placed and acts as a bridge between Africa and Europe. Africa is also strategically placed at the center of the world, and culture at the center of its development. To that effect, Arterial Networking can be a big boost in ensuring Culture is firmly appreciated as an important instrument for the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

For more information on the African Creative Economy Conference (ACEC) 2014 and registration, follow this link.

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