Africa’s Talking Ventures In to The Uganda Market

Africa’s Talking; SMS Based Communications Solutions Provider Expands To Uganda

The SMS-based mobile communication solutions provider, Africa’s Talking has expanded its services to Kampala, Uganda. The firm hopes to attract Ugandan clients who need its services to communicate better with their customers.

In a statement, the company announced: “Africa’s Talking is now in Uganda. We take this opportunity to thank you for your support that has enabled us achieve this milestone and look forward to being of service to you in Uganda and other East African countries that we are expanding to.”

The firm offers organizations SMS messaging services, USSD services enabling two-way interactions, and Shortcode to leverage on the zero-rated 2-way SMS responses. Africa’s Talking says its expansion into the Ugandan market is the right move as it will be able to help developers and businesses alike leverage on their services to better communicate with their targeted customers.

Africa’s Talking has previously received $20,000 funding from San Francisco-based Hub Ventures. The firm soon afterwards released its SMS API for developers to build systems that could receive and make calls, convert text to speech in real-time, play audio recordings, record phone conversations, monitor and process user’s keypad and voice input, and manage conference calls. The firm’s API also enables intelligent handling and processing of calls.

The API runs from the cloud with its full features. Thus, developers don’t even need equipment to build the application further. It also enables them to make and receive calls instantaneously.

Africa’s Talking also says the API could integrate Voice to other CRMs to automatically Identify Callers, Analyze and Track phone calls for harnessing market intelligence, deploy Dynamic IVR Menu Systems, Dynamic Texts like Account Balances to callers and Build Fully Featured Call Centers.

The API also enables users to build voice-based customer survey systems, voicemail marketing systems, voice SMS and hold conference calls.

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