#AfricaTech50 Nominations For Africa’s Fastest Growing Tech Startups Are Open

#AfricaTech50 is a program looking to identify and rank the fastest growing startups across Africa. The program is looking for startups that are disrupting the tech scene and are likely to have a great impact on the region’s growth within the next five years.

If you have identified any startup that fits the above description, you can nominate them by tweeting their name using the hashtag #AfricaTech50. The selected nominees will be revealed on a final list and ecosystem report to be unveiled at the upcoming Africa Technology week, slated for Sept. 21-25.

Sean Obedih, an organizer and founding partner of the NewGenAngels investment club. In a statement said that over the last decade or so, Africa has produced some high quality technology companies and the #AfricaTech50 program seeks to give them the international limelight beyond the continent.

Africa’s challenging environment often leads to people coming up with exciting solutions. Technology affects all areas of our lives, from healthcare,

financial services, education, agriculture, mining, architecture, sports, media, and entertainment. The accompanying report will look at how Africa is changing technology and how technology is changing Africa,” Obedih said while addressing Disrupt Africa.

Our goal is to showcase the ingenuity of African entrepreneurs to the world and #AfricaTech50 is a crucial pillar of that initiative.”

Startups Qualifications Criteria For Nominations

The founding entrepreneurs must be African nationals or have made Africa their home for running their tech startup.

They must be the chief executives or at least part of the founding team of the given tech startup.

They must be actively involved in the running of startups and its related entrepreneurial endeavors.

The #AfricaTech50 judges will select the top 50 startups based on their current impact, the level of innovation, and their demonstrated and potential global market reach.

Obedih further added: “We also want to shine a spotlight on young tech entrepreneurs, people at the start of their careers but beginning to make a major impact. Accordingly, our judges will also vote on candidates aged 30 or under to create a top 10 ranking.

However, some of these young founders have already achieved so much that they may also deserve entry on to the main Top 50 List. The goal is to create a perfect blend of high growth startups and fast-growing scale ups and a definitive guide to investors and policy makers for one of the world’s most fascinating ecosystem.”

Felix Omondi

Kenyan citizen with a passion for writing for as long as I can remember. In my spare time, I like to blog and read up on trends that's happening around the world.

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