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AfriLabs Admits 20 New Hubs into Its Network

AfriLabs Admits 20 New Hubs into Its Network

AfriLabs, the largest pan-African network of technology and innovation hubs has admitted 20 new hubs to its network, spreading its reach farther and wider. The admission of these 20 hubs expands the AfriLabs membership strength to an amazing 174 hubs in 45 countries across all the regions of Africa.

In West Africa, AfriLabs grew its community in Nigeria with Box Office Hub, MusterPoint Coworking Space, Exponential

Hub, RAD5 Tech Hub, Cedar Hive, Capital Square and Cavic Hub. Other new West African members include Tarkwa Entrepreneurship Development Hub in Ghana, Seme City in the Republic of Benin, OVillage in Cote d’Ivoire and Suguba in Mali.

New members in East Africa include Gear Box in Kenya, blueMoon and Startup Factory in Ethiopia, IdeiaLab in Mozambique and Ennovate Hub in Tanzania, while Dream Factory Innovation in Botswana is the new member from Southern Africa. Those from Northern Africa are Junub Open Space in South Sudan and LaFactory by Screendy in Morocco.

AfriLabs is also very pleased to welcome Afrobytes in France as a part of its diaspora members.

“AfriLabs is excited to admit such innovative members who are eager to contribute to the thriving African tech and innovative ecosystem. We strongly believe in the ability of African hubs to steer innovation on the continent that will stimulate socio-economic development in Africa. Welcome to the Network!’’ – Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director, AfriLabs.

“What I love about AfriLabs is the opportunity to collaborate with other hubs across the continent. This is how I believe we will ignite and empower our youth bulge. We can’t work in isolation, we have to do this together” – Lusanda Maguvape from Dream Factory Innovation, Botswana.

“We at Exponential Hub are greatly excited to be a member of the AfriLabs Network. We appreciate AfriLabs efforts in building a community around African tech hubs across Africa. In line with our passion to help businesses and entrepreneurs start, manage and grow their businesses into self-sustaining entities, identify and tackle all hurdles and barriers that drive businesses to an early grave, we look forward to even more partnerships in capacity building, learning, sharing and collaboration to create more African Unicorns. Long Live AfriLabs!!!”

– Fayo Williams, Exponential Hub, Lagos.

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