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AfriLabs partners with I/O Spaces to provide African Startups with US-based Offices

I/O Spaces and AfriLabs

Silver Spring, Maryland, and Abuja, Nigeria, April 23, 2018.I/O Spaces and AfriLabs

I/O Spaces and AfriLabs announced a strategic partnership to provide AfriLabs Hub Startups access to I/O’s Creator Community, Events, Classes and Office Space at I/O Spaces US Workspaces in the Washington DC Metropolitan region.

The companies will collaborate to deliver a unique cross-continental membership focused on expanding the market reach of its AfriLabs hub startups, cross-collaboration between with the US counterparts and providing African Based Startups​ with a US-based Headquarters. These will facilitate the African startups plans for US expansion, Hiring or Funding raising.

I/O Spaces will offer the following services to the Startups in AfriLabs Hub Network:

Access to its US Based Startup Community, Select Events, Online Classes & Workspace.

Office Space & Conference Booking credits to each company.

An official US Based Physical Address for US company offshore incorporation, mailing address, bank account creation, legal & online payments.

“​I/O Spaces is excited about our new partnership with AfriLabs,” ​said Leslie Tita, Cofounder of I/O SPACES.​ “This partnership will enable I/O Spaces become a premiere destination for African Companies looking to expand into United States and by offering our membership services to the AfriLabs network, we grow our member base across 27 African countries, and give these startups the ability to grow their global market reach, an HQ to work from when they travel to the US and finally a platform to hire both US and African Diaspora talent looking to work for African Based Startups.”

“​AfriLabs is very happy about the partnership with I/O Spaces. This partnership presents amazing opportunities for startups from our hub communities to collaborate with US entrepreneurs, scale and benefit from the I/O Spaces community. We look forward to strategic relationships being built from this partnership that would also promote inter-continental trade and partnerships in the technology and innovation space,” Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director, AfriLabs.

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